Apple Mac gaming shows signs of improvement

“Gaming on the Mac, even after the Intel switch, is often still perceived as a joke. Although id, Epic, and Blizzard have worked diligently on their own titles in the past, gaming on the Mac today is still widely seen to be in the same state as it was 5 to 10 years ago: stale and unmoving, aside from the occasional crossover hit. Graphics cards on anything but Apple’s professional-level (read: very expensive) Macs are still unimpressive and unappealing to anyone who takes gaming seriously. “For people with the high end gaming rigs, Mac hardware can still be a joke,” one reader complained to me recently,” Jacqui Cheng writes for Ars Technica.

“But for those who are able to make do with the Mac’s limited selection of supported graphics cards, it’s the state of the ports that seems to really be holding things back. Ports of games to the Mac just plain suck; they are usually slow, buggy, and ‘half-assed’ compared to their PC counterparts,” Cheng writes. “This is due in part to the fact that that many games are now DirectX-based, Microsoft’s Windows-centric gaming API. Porting a game to OpenGL is difficult, and the number of game developers working natively in OpenGL seem to be getting smaller every day. The end result is that developers throw together Mac-compatible versions as an afterthought, and are also constantly playing catch-up to release those versions after their superior DirectX counterparts.”

Cheng writes, “The good news is that where EA goes, others may follow.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. Gaming on the MAC is never gonna be as good as it is on Windows. MACs are toys which is another reason why Windows rules and MAC users drool.

    Who wants to play Battlefield 2 over the ‘net with me? Oh that’s right, Battlefield 2 isn’t on a MAC. Losers.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. I’ve never been much of a gamer on computers, I have had a PC up until I switched last year and the only game I play on either machine is football manager, which works just as well on both machines (not a very demanding game though)

    I just think it’s better to play games on a ps3 or something, they last about 6-7 years before becoming obsolete and everything on the system is optimized for game playing, not like a computer

  3. Bootcamp is adequate for gaming. But I would love to get rid of that stupid partition, get back that space on my hard drive, and never have to be connected to the internet with Windows again.

  4. Zune Tang is the worse Microsoft fanboi I have ever encountered!If there is anyone’s nose who’s so brown up Microsoft’s arse , its Zune Tang. The kid lives it, breaths it, swears by it. He will even get a hard on so big if Microsoft decided to have a new design for the Blue Screen of Death. :p In fact if MS decided to add the BSOD right on the Zune Player!

  5. @ ZT:

    Macs are toys, but yet you have so many more games on your PC?

    LOL – which is the toy, you idiot!??

    BTW: I am actually at work right now, typing in my office, on my computer which is a Mac, making alot of money… True story.

  6. “another reason why Windows rules”

    And a taco is still a taco even if you eat the shell.
    Makes as much sense.

    MDN – Is the necessity to re-submit multiple times some sort of test in patience? Not a real good idea for retaining viewers, IMNSHO.

  7. I would love to know why Apple doesn’t offer a few more graphics options on the iMac. Is the enclosure too hot? Are the good gaming cards too big?
    I’m not even talking about the ability to swap out video cards myself (although I would love that option), just let me buy a high-powered video card up front (as a build-to-order option) which can run the latest games at respectable frame rates.
    Seems like a way for Apple to “upsell” their computers just like a bigger hard drive and more memory. Even if tons of people don’t go for it, you still gets fat profit margins on the ones that do.

  8. I was reading in Wired (9/07 issue) last night that “Halo” was originally written for the Mac but Microsoft saw a demo of it at MacWorld Expo ’99 and bought out Bungie so they’d develop it for the XBox instead.

    How different would the gaming world be now if “Halo” had been Mac only?

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