10 reasons you should buy an Apple iPhone

“Here’s why you should go out and grab an iPhone for your very own,” Jim Lynch – who has seriously changed his iTune now that’s he’s actually used an Apple iPhone – writes for ExtremeTech.

10. Navigation
9. Pictures and iPhoto
8. Safari
7. Multi-Touch
6. Power
5. AT&T EDGE: It works pretty darn well.
4. Music and Audiobooks
3. Google Maps
2. Email and Visual Voicemail
1. Amazing Video

Lynch writes, “So far my iPhone has worked great as a phone but also as a media player and an email client. Why settle for other phones that can do so little when you can have an iPhone that can do so much more?”

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  1. I had an EDGE capable phone with unlimited download to use with my PowerBook. I rarely got to the 50MB limit that justified the unlimited plan.

    Now, I am using the EDGE network all the time with the iPhone and I rarely miss the connectivity to my PowerBook. It would help to have it back, but I can live without it.

  2. One reason not to own an iPhone. All I need is a phone.

    Why do I get this message often.

    The following errors were encountered
    We apologize. We cannot accept your comment at this time.

    You don’t like my posts?

  3. Suckers. The iPhone doesn’t play .WMA files, the standard format for quality, flexible and open audio files used the world over.

    What are you MAC lemmings gonna do with all of those .WMA files? Have fun staying up all night converting your music to Apple’s (yet another) proprietary audio format for your stinky Zune-wannabe iPhone. Oh wait, you can only convert .WMA files in the Windows version of iTunes. Dorks.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. The iPhone is an amazing devise, NOW…. and it will only get better. It is true, I have completely cleaned up my iTunes to fit the iPhone… with all the album covers in place, and now I am cleaning up my Safari bookmarks. I love this phone… and I have never said this about any phone I have ever owned…

  5. Forgive me for being cynical, but I am so tired of hearing about the iPhone on a site called “MAC DAILY NEWS”. If it was “iPhone DAILY NEWS” I would expect this. Please for the love of God, get back to talking about Macs. That is why we all come here.

  6. I think my iPhone is a Mac. Just a small, portable, multi-touch Mac with AT&T cell phone capabilities built in. Like it or not, the iPhone is part of the Mac ecosystem like iTunes, iPod and Apple TV are. Of course we need to hear about all of those product lines on a site called MacDailyNews.

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