10 reasons you should buy an Apple iPhone

“Here’s why you should go out and grab an iPhone for your very own,” Jim Lynch – who has seriously changed his iTune now that’s he’s actually used an Apple iPhone – writes for ExtremeTech.

10. Navigation
9. Pictures and iPhoto
8. Safari
7. Multi-Touch
6. Power
5. AT&T EDGE: It works pretty darn well.
4. Music and Audiobooks
3. Google Maps
2. Email and Visual Voicemail
1. Amazing Video

Lynch writes, “So far my iPhone has worked great as a phone but also as a media player and an email client. Why settle for other phones that can do so little when you can have an iPhone that can do so much more?”

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  1. And here are the 10 reasons I won’t be getting an iPhone:

    10. AT&T – Ma Bell was dead and buried long ago. Stay that way!
    9. at&t – lower case letters don’t change who you are.
    8. AT&T – stupid name – who has telegraphs nowadays?
    7. AT&T – lousy customer service.
    6. AT&T – lousy coverage
    5. AT&T – too many places with no service for iPhone
    4. AT&T – GSM. Ineffecient spectrum use.
    3. AT&T – really SBC. A wolf in zombie’s clothing.
    2. AT&T – too much junk mail.
    1. AT&T – I promised never to use AT&T lousy service again after they weaseled money out of me over a technicality.

    MW: black – as in “AT&T’s future with me looks black.”

    Now, if Apple brings out a CDMA iPhone, let me know. (Not that I’m particularly in love with Verizon.)

  2. “8. AT&T – stupid name – who has telegraphs nowadays?”

    The Smithsonian, a really scary looking dude on Antiques Roadshow, Abe Vigoda and IT specialists at Microsoft have tens of thousands in storage as a backup to their telephone system.

    Now you know.

  3. No iPhone for me.

    1: Can’t control the security.

    2: Slow Edge network

    3: Huge AT&T bills (get out of the stoneage!)

    4: Security issues with Safari (like complete takeover of the iPhone)

    5: Camera phone is worthless at 2 mega pixel (nobody comments on that, because it sucks that’s why)

    6: Can’t use other carriers

    7: Can’t easily replace the battery because it’s soldered to the frigging board which can be damaged if replaced by Apple.

    8: Expensive and doesn’t really do anything well

    9: Small screen is horrible for web surfing

    10: Because I already spent $3000 on a MacBook Pro.

  4. A little background on these various networks.

    Verizon, which everyone here seems to prefer, was born of spin-offs from the original AT&T (and independent GTE). The “new at&t” is but another. They all share the same legacy corporate culture, but have changed a lot too with new management blood from “outside” and the sharp edge of competition in the cell business — so it’s a mixed picture. Flat-footed AND agile.


    I’m not an expert on this, but it seems Apple’s choice to go with AT&T may well have been determined by it’s aspirations to make this a “world phone” — which these days means GSM. In the USA, Verizon and Sprint are CDMA. T-Mobile uses the older version of GSM (until recently, Cingular (now AT&T) and T-Mobile shared GSM cell towers). So who’s left? The new at&t.

    Verizon is CDMA. Here’s an interesting article from 1996 — eons ago….

    Critics Try to Sink CDMA: Doomed to failure?

    AT&T’s GSM is an update of it’s now “old” TDMA networks which are going away….


    Here’s a good resource: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone.htm

  5. if you want one buy one if you dont, dont, simple , MS, OSX, which ever os it all personel i will go iphone when it reaches the uk cause I want one , if it works well then great at the end of the day my xda exec as a phone is crap but as pda its ok what I have to lose (money, we all lose that , beer , cigs, at least I will still have a ipod video plus extra bits i can sell on )

  6. Comment from: iPhone nano:
    “iPhone nano:

    No iPod. No internet. No camera. Just a phone.

    They could use this as a motto: “The phone that’s just a phone.”

    Brilliant idea, no?”
    Who would buy it? There are already a million cell phones available that do nothing but make phone calls and they are very cheap or even free.

    Yeah, brilliant, well thought out idea!!!

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