Associated Press Windows writer reviews Apple iMac: ‘A powerful enticement to switch to Mac’

“Apple Inc. has dropped ‘Computer’ from its name, but its computer business is still growing, even if the iPod player is the company’s real star,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“Apple’s resurgence started with the first iMac, in 1998. Little by little, Apple has been persuading people to opt for Macintosh computers over Windows PCs,” Svensson reports.

Svensson reports, “After Apple refreshed its iMac line last week, I decided to test one from the perspective of a Windows user. I found it to be a powerful if not completely irresistible enticement to switch.”

“The Apple experience in a nutshell: Tight integration of hardware, software and Web services, along with great interface design, allowed me to download, edit and upload [a] video [created with iMovie 08] without ever going to the user manual,” Svensson report.

“The iMac deserves to be a strong contender for any PC user looking to get a new computer. If I was looking to replace my PC right now, I would be sorely tempted. Even the Windows software I’ve accumulated over the years isn’t a real reason not to switch, because Macs can now run Windows, too (with some additional software purchases),” Svensson reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “When was the last time you were excited about an iMac?” – Peter Svensson, June 27, 2007, while detailing Apple’s “greatest misses” for The Associated Press.

Looks like today is the last time Peter was excited about an iMac. wink


  1. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s new Windows Vista will barely give you the time of day on 1 GB.

    Vista can tell you what time it is?? I am amazed. The question is, will the time be correct?

    MW = working…as in Microsoft is still working on an OS to compete with Apple.

  2. I have a little question, if somebody could please answer: If you have iMovie08 installed as part of iLife08 on your new iMac, and if you download the iMovie06 offered by Apple, can both iMovie08 and iMovie06 co-exist and be used as separate applications, depending on what you aim to achieve, on the same iMac?

    Many thanx in advance, and a thousand apologies if it is a dumb question.

  3. this is amazing…

    as nice as this machine is, and it IS nice, the reviews….. wow.

    it is as if after years of beating up on Apple for whatever reason, everyone has looked into the face of Vista, and turned back to Apple expecting to be saved.

    this is too funny.

    next thing you know it will be solving world hunger!

  4. Speaking of national news, you should alert us all every day when AAPL price drops. Such as: AAPL Plunges – again.

    Not just when new record is set – again.

    That way we will know it’s time to either (1) buy or (2) jump.


  5. Question: When was the last time you were excited about an iMac?

    Answer: What’s an iMac?

    I’ll tell you what’s exciting. ” rel=”nofollow”>This little baby—and it runs Windows Vista, which is a souped up OS X. You MAC lemmings have no idea. Back to the drawing board Apple!

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. I think users who are new to Macs and iMovie appreciate the simplicity of iMovie ’08. It’s part of their new “Mac experience” for the long suffering Windows user. So Apple’s switch to an all-new iMovie will be a good move, looking at the big picture of gaining more switchers to grow market share. People who are power users of iMovie ’06 are disappointed, but they will be a minority to the new Mac customers. And Apple will no doubt add features to the codebase of iMovie ’08 going forward.

  7. BobM says:
    “Macs can now run Windows, too (with some additional software purchases)”

    Apple hasn’t started charging for BootCamp, has it?

    Nope, but neither has MS started giving Windows away for free.

    Moreover, only insane folks want to reboot to use the occasional windows item when Parallels or VMware make it so damned easy to run them at the same time.

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