Apple iPhone unlocked via ‘Turbo SIM’

“An Australian iPhone hacker claims to be the first person to have successfully unlocked Apple’s mobile phone so it can be used on any network,” Stephen Turner reports for ZDNet Australia.

“Australian iPhone fan ‘ozbimmer,’ already known for several attempts that have come close to unlocking the iPhone, has publicised a method that uses a small third-party device called Turbo SIM, which is a tiny SIM card ‘sleeve’ that fits between the phone and the regular SIM card, made by an obscure Czech firm,” Turner reports.

“‘Ozbimmer’ claims to have carried out this process to get an iPhone to work on the Telstra network, while another Australian user named ‘linc’ reported success with the same method using Vodafone. While only Telstra uses EDGE networking in Australia (central to the iPhone’s e- mail and Web functions), other users have reported success with those functions under GPRS,” Turner reports.

As always, the risk remains “that Apple could invalidate this hack with a firmware update,” Turner reports.

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  1. And I claim the Moon as my own property.

    If I had a dollar for every jerk who CLAIMS they have done something, I’d be more wealthly than Carlos Slim. Even if this exploit does work, it would be the provence of a few dedicated geeks who love at home with their parents, like the frigtards who CLAIM to have hacked OS-X so it runs on crappy PC equipment. The fact is, Apple could invalidate all their stupid work with a software update.

    There’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

  2. “As always, the risk remains ‘that Apple could invalidate this hack with a firmware update,’ Turner reports.”

    And as an Apple supporter and stockholder, I would prefer that Apple engineers spend their resources protecting Apple’s patents and assets by chasing hackers. Property rights? Ownership? Capitalism? PAH!


  3. As always, the risk remains “that Apple could invalidate this hack with a firmware update,”

    duh, naturally something has to be done to stop the auto-updating until the new hack arrives to counter Apple moves.

    Should be a simple hack for us regulars:

    1: Download and run hack program

    2: Connect iPhone, disconnect

    3: Switch SIM card.

    Done. Use the iPhone with your new carrier and avoid the AT&T *cough* NSA *cough* lockin.

  4. The people at claim they have beta software that can unlock 75% of all iPhones. Anyone every use them? I’m dying to find a way to open up an iPhone as I don’t live in the U.S (and until someone does, it remains an iBrick)…

    The only thing that’s for sure is that we would all be wise to gobble up the stock of the first (publicly held) company to successfully unlock iPhones- they will make a mint!

  5. Missy Pants–

    That all depends upon the perspective from which you are asking the question…

    Apple receives a commission from AT&T iPhone accounts, and this obviously, eliminates that income stream. However, this could also result in people purchasing the iPhone, whom otherwise, it would be off-limits to.

  6. As much as I support Apple’s right to protect their technology, I see no reason why it would bother Apple if users around the world can use the iPhone with their provider.

    If it is the few million bucks they get paid back from ATT, and/or the “Visual Voicemail” why only ATT can be used, then I have to say… thats idiotic!

  7. It will be done, sooner or later. Being someone who travels to Europe and other parts of the world all the time, I can’t wait for the feature. Otherwise AT&T EDGE works just fine.

    MDN magic word: language – what about the iPhone working with other language keyboards?

  8. @MacMan – what are you smokin’? OK, so it unlocks “75%” of iPhones? Well, since all iPhones are the same, why not 100%? Doesn’t that raise some sort of flag in your brain?

    And then to say a publicly held company would make a mint unlocking iPhones – you are simply out of your mind.

    (Must be good stuff you’ve got there, buddy)

  9. @dG

    They claim their unlocking software is in Beta. Personally, I think it’s all hype and they haven’t unlocked a single phone.

    However, they have a VERY solid business unlocking phones (they claim to have unlocked 2.9 million phones to date). That’s nothing to sneeze at. I truly believe that the first company to offer an easy way to unlock the iPhone for $50/pop would make a killing until iPhones are available in every country on the planet. Just MHO…

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