PC Mag reviews Apple’s new iMac: Editor’s Choice, ‘It is without equal’

Apple’s “latest iMac doesn’t fall into the pigeonholes of ‘business’ or ‘consumer.’ Its aluminum and black appearance can work in the home, next to your iPhone, or in the office next to your Aeron chair. With its Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows compatibility, it is certainly the ‘computer for the rest of us,’ making good on the promises put forth in the original ‘1984’ Macintosh ads. All that earns it our Editors’ Choice,” Joel Santo Domingo reports for PC Magazine.

“Finding any drawbacks to the newest Apple iMac is so hard it’s almost like splitting hairs. The new aluminum iMac is a desktop nonpareil in both senses of the word: It is without equal, and (like the candy) it is sweet,” Santo Domingo reports.

Full review here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Cathy” for the heads up.]


  1. Well, these things seem to be coming more and more often from the ‘dark side’ press. Nonetheless; still sounds refreshing when someone qualifies negatives as ‘splitting hairs’!

    Next step: 10% global market share (meaning almost 100% growth).

  2. Enough already. The overwhelming majority of consumers aren’t bothered by the glossy screen or else a lot of other PCs wouldn’t have them too.

    Besides, if you just absolutely cannot live with a glossy screen, you can always get a Mac mini or a Mac Pro and use any type of monitor you like….

    Have you used the new iMac, or just commenting on your over all preference, I have read they are using a special coating on the glass?? I have not seen one of the new iMacs, so I do not feel qualified to comment


    What is your opinion of the Glossy screen, since you own one and have experienced it 1st hand,


    We are waiting to here what you think, after setting up Dads last nite

  4. @jooop

    The uses and needs between the iPhone and the iMac are very different.

    People use the iPhone intermittenly throughout the day, they are not working on it for hours at a time like the iMac. Plus the iPhone is extremely portable so it’s easy enough to move or cover up a side if there happens to be a glare.

    Eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and other negative medical symptoms are proven to result from prolonged exposure to glossy monitors.
    The iPhone is the perfect device for glossy. A 24″ stationary computer, not so much…

  5. @Hurt My Eyes

    Your just trying to stir the pot here a little. Just like the links you provide. Hits are hits for them.

    No one complained back in the day when CRTs had glare. All you did was get an anti-glare screen that you placed on the monitor.

  6. I have had the new iMac since the day it was released. The glossy screen is NOT an issue for the vast majority of consumers the machine is intended for. As others have stated a simple anti-glare screen can likely fix the “issue” for the rest of the whiners out there. The new iMac is an excellent all-in-one offering that will not be everything to everyone. My advice is that if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But PLEASE quit whining about the glossy screen – it looks simply fantastic under most conditions!

  7. The complaint about the card reader seems to be a non issue for me. Doesn’t everyone own a printer with card reader slots? Why duplicate this function? Lastly, Just turn on your camera and then download. Is that so tough?

  8. My wife is thrilled with her new “entry-level” iMac – my one complaint being that we need to order a second 1GB memory stick to minimize disk caching. OK, she tends to leave many programs open at once – Mail, two (or three?) browsers, an editor or two (or three!), and Skype. Add the overhead of two open accounts (I have Folding@Home running 24×7) and the memory gets tight with just 1GB. 2GB should be more than enough.
    Glossy Screen? So she tilts it away from the reflected light. This is a problem … how?

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  9. I set up my father’s machine last night. My first-hand experience with the new iMac:

    The Keyboard – It is exquisite. I’m buying one asap. Action is short, light, and quick. It feels much more sturdy than I thought it would.

    The Case – Someone said it was the same thickness as the white plastic iMacs (like mine), it was just a trick of the eye. THEY WERE MISTAKEN. The case is much slimmer, so much so that the remote no longer magnets to the side, because the remote is wider than the case is thick. Overall it’s very attractive and more solid feeling when you pick it up.

    The Glossy Screen – If you watch a lot of movies on your Mac, then by all means you will love it. I, however, watch few movies compared to all the work I do. And for work, I am sorry to break this to you, it is simply miserably bad. In my father’s office it wasn’t that big a deal because of the orientation of the monitor to the windows, but in my office it would be a catastrophe. Right now, the sun in coming through the blinds making 80’s pop video-quality lines of light across my face, but in my monitors I see none of this. The new iMac showed it all off proudly. In short, someone had better come out with a screen cover or Apple would do well to give us an option, because I would not buy one of these.

    The Mouse – I still hate the Mighty Mouse. My dad won’t mind it.

    That is all.


    MW: ‘glass’ (no kidding)

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