Apple prepping portable games for iPhone?

“Call it the clash of the titans,” Damon Brown reports for The New York Post.

“Two of the hottest tech companies – Nintendo and Apple – appeared headed for a showdown after Nintendo moved to patent its tilt sensitivity on its best-selling portable system, Nintendo DS – essentially to turn it into mobile Nintendo Wii,” Brown reports.

“That sounds a lot like the motion-based accelerometer in this year’s other media darling, the iPhone,” Brown reports.

“Meanwhile, Apple has been secretly plotting its foray into portable video games for months, looking to add games to its hot iPhone, according to various on- and off-the-record sources,” Brown reports. “…If so, that would put the two tech titans in direct competition.”

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  1. The Nintendo DS does not have an accelerometer. However, certain GBA games (which will work in the DS) do include one on the cartridge, including Yoshi’s Topsy-Turvy and (more importantly) WarioWare: Twisted.

    It wouldn’t be very surprising if Nintendo came out with an add-on for the DS that included motion control.

  2. It sounds like Apple might possibly have a disagreement/dispute with the folks who put out accelerometer-using games but not Nintendo … not yet. As for games on the iPhone? I was one of several here who thought it would be a great platform … now, though, I worry about hat it will do to the battery. Nintendo, etc, do not have rechargeable batteries soldered into the body. OTOH, neither does MY phone … the one that shuts itself off when the case is removed and the battery falls off. Point in Apple’s favor.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Podcast.

  3. You know, this has both positive and negative aspects to it. The positive is that the iPhone should be able to play some freaking amazing games. The negative is that, well, I’m a Nintendo Fan Boy as much as I am an Apple Fan Boy. Well, maybe not quite as much, but still, the point remains, I don’t want my two favorite companies to be competing, especially when they both seem to have the similar goal innovation over bringing in profits. They could work so well together, and I actually remember a year or two ago there was a lot of talk about possible collaboration between the two. Never heard if it amounted to anything, but apparently it didn’t. I really wish it had though.

  4. Powerbooks had tilt sensitivity. I recall someone tapping into that feature to use the Powerbook as an input device for a game. I have to wonder what qualifies as original and non-obvious. I am so sick of these patent wars…

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  6. nintendo filed for a patent last week that showed a handheld video game system with X, Y, & Z axis motion sensing…….it was posted on a forum I visit often ( in the technology discussion

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