Pirillo lists 20 reasons he’s happy with Apple iPhone

Chris Prillio, Lockergnome founder, has come up with 20 reasons why he’s keeping his Apple iPhone; this after his earlier “20 Reasons” why he didn’t get an iPhone on the very first day piece.

“Argh! I hate eating crow. I really, really, really do,” Pirillo writes. But, “it’s much easier to come up with reasons I’m keeping the iPhone than it was thinking of reasons why I didn’t want it on the first day.”

Pirillos reasons include:
Apple raised the bar a zillion miles past any other kind of mobile device experience. Windows Mobile 6 hasn’t even shipped yet and it’s UI already seems overtly antiquated.
• Voicemail is… finally the way it should have been all along.
• Zooming in and out of anything shouldn’t be this much fun. It’s a crime. Flipping for the sake of flipping is also flipping nutty. Why, WHY does this have to be so… addictive?
• iPhone really is a joy to touch (you have to try it in person – the commercials don’t do it justice).
• I kid you not: Word document (email attachments) look better on this Apple device than they ever have on any Microsoft device. Ever. EVER.
• I don’t want to admit it, but I’d just as soon have this thing with EVDO than a tricked-out something-else with 3G. Sad, but I find that true (for myself).

Pirillo writes, “Apple has nowhere to go with this thing but up. Rand Fishkin compared the iPhone to Barack Obama last night, but… I’m still not quite sure I followed the reference completely (it was late, and I already had one beer in me). Regardless, it really has me wondering what the hell the rest of the industry has been smoking – and what they’re going to do to even come close to the experience that Apple now provides.”

Pirillo writes, “Don’t buy it for the hype – TRY it for the hype, but buy it because you’re tired of the shit everybody else keeps shoving into your pocket.”

Many more reasons why Pirillo’s happy with Apple iPhone in the full article here.


  1. I like the iphone as well, but yeesh… Did someone shove a reality distortion cattle prod up his gnomish bum?

    Since applying the recent update, my iPhone has stopped hanging up whenever I delete lots of email messages, though I was forced to reset the phone to factory settings because I was so bold as to add a ringtone.

  2. Pirillo’s been pretty negative of late in his posts, so this outpour of positiveness on the iPhone is pretty impressive.

    Some say it’s the RDF, others say it’s just the Apple ease-of-use, just-works, magic. Whatever it is, people who leave behind, uh, escape from, the other many featured but poorly designed stuff for Apple stuff have high likelihood of getting gushy like him.

    This gushiness doesn’t happen when they just compare feature lists; they have to try it, and try it with a somewhat open mind. Then look out!

  3. Between the iPhone and Global Warming I keep wondering is Joseph Goebbles alive and doing PR and we just don’t know? Am I just immune to the alien mind control device? Was I the only one not invited to the last Kool Aid party?

    I rent a room to a Mac hater. At least he was up until a week ago. He played with my iPhone for about 30 minutes. All he said was, “Cute.” I said come on, the difference in the UI and most other phones is like the difference between DOS and the original Mac. He just grunted.

    A week later he owns an iPhone and a new 17″ MacBook Pro.

    It’s like invasion of the body snatchers!

    DON’T BLINK!!!

    Comparing the iPhone to Barrack Obama? Possibly, depends on what you mean. Statements concerning “flash and substance” come to mind, but taken in context of the article… uh… I have got to arm myself. Someone is taking over your minds!

  4. Can’t we all just get along? I don’t understand the Apple haters. You’d think they would be mad at the other phone makers that have sold such crap for so long. I am pretty pissed I’ve spent so much money in the past on such hard to use, crap phones. I guess having a company bring out something so cool just pisses people off because they wish they hadn’t bot their current phone. Well, point your anger in the right direction!

  5. I think my Treo 600 is TRYING to get me to buy an iPhone, just so I can put the Treo out of its misery. Lately, using its miserable web browser, I can’t look at more than two or three web pages before getting an “out of memory” error. Recently, I took a grand total of seven small photos with the built-in camera, and the memory got so clogged I couldn’t even OPEN the browser. I went and purchased a 1GB memory card, but of course the Palm OS can’t use it for anything other than media storage.

    I used to love the Treo when I first got it, but can’t wait to dump it. Only inertia and the $600 price tag is making me wait. (Hoping for a holiday price cut…)

  6. Every time someone plays with my iPhone, they always say, “Wow, it’s just like on the commercials.” Which I find amazing. People are so accustomed to being sold impossible wonder produces that turn out to be crap, that they’re overwhelmingly surprised when a device works as advertised. All I say in response is, “That’s Apple.” I’ve sold three iPhones like that, and two MacBooks.

    Go, Steve! You da man!

  7. Flipping for the sake of flipping is also flipping nutty. Why, WHY does this have to be so… addictive?

    Is this the same “flipping” as when you flip widgets in Dashboard to change preferences? Man, he needs to get Mac OS X! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”excaim” style=”border:0;” />

  8. The iPod turned us into ear bud toting antisocial misfits.

    The iPhone, with it’s wonderful connectivity methods, will get us back into the mainstream of human interaction.

    Welcome to the social indeed!

  9. ‘…Every time someone plays with my iPhone, they always say, “Wow, it’s just like on the commercials.”…’

    Unless they’re using the Internet on Edge that is. Then it’s, “How long does it take to display a web page? Why does my blackberry display the page faster? You sent the e-mail? It’s still sending? Really? Is it finished yet?”

    I’m sure the next $600 iPhone will fix that, then all of us early adopters can lay out another $600 for a finished product.

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