Apple iPod noise pollution irks those nearby

“Dave Legeret silently fumed as the man seated beside him on the plane blasted techno music on his iPod at full volume,” Erin Carlson reports for The Associated Press.

“‘It was kind of rude,’ recalled Legeret, 38, a jewelry designer from Sandy Hook, Conn., who was forced to listen while flying from New York City to Disney World with his wife and 8-year-old son,” Carlson reports, “‘Listen to it at a level that just you can hear it and everyone else doesn’t have to be subject to it.'”

Carlson reports, “Apple Inc.’s ubiquitous iPod is best known as an instrument of solitude – unless the user ignores standards of etiquette by invading the eardrums of fellow commuters, officemates or other innocent bystanders. Then it starts to get annoying. Especially when you’re stuck in close proximity.”

Carlson reports, “Anna Post, an etiquette instructor at The Emily Post Institute, said she’d heard a story about a woman who asked an iPod-using subway rider to turn down the volume, only to have her request ignored. So she used another tactic: Singing along to the music. ‘And, all of a sudden, boy, did that iPod get shut off,’ said Post, who stressed that ‘a little social shame can go a long way.'”

“‘I got to the point where I’m like, ‘You know what? You really can’t beat it,” said Aimee Wendt, a 27-year-old web designer from Madison, Wis.,” Carlson reports, “‘If you look around, there are so many people with iPods – you might as well join ’em.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim – TIV” for the heads up.]
Punk on bus: [plays loud music on a bus with boom box]
Kirk: Excuse me.
Punk on bus: [doesn’t listen]
Kirk: Excuse me. Would you mind stopping that noise?
Punk on bus: [turns it up louder]
Kirk: [louder and firmer] Excuse me! Would you mind stopping that damn noise?
Punk on bus: [flips him off]
Kirk: [looks at Spock]
Spock: [gives the punk the Vulcan nerve pinch, knocking him unconscious (his head hitting the boom box turned it off), with much applause from fellow bus passengers]

[Thanks MacDailyNews reader “ChrissyOne” for the refresher. (below)]


  1. As you can see, this problem is limited to the iPod and is an issue that Apple needs to address. No one gets annoyed by Zune users cranking the volume on their little brown box. Mostly because it’s near impossible to find anyone using one.

  2. I’m slightly peeved that the iPod has to be the negative example yet again as if before the iPod there was hardly every any similar problems.

    However, it does make me want to suggest that Apple, and ALL manufacturers of personal listening devices, including pocs [plain ‘ole cell phones] give the listener a clue about what volume settings on their respective listening devices represent the threshold of where others at a given footage begin to perceive your personal tunage. I realize it would be somewhat subjective with lots of variables, but it would be helpful anyway.

  3. Found myself in the same situation… tapped the guy on the shoulder and told him we all could hear his music, and asked him to turn it down… He complied readily… no problem… the others on the plane were glad I spoke up…

  4. “Spock: [gives the punk the Vulcan nerve pinch, knocking him unconscious (and magically stopping the boom box noise), with much applause from fellow bus passengers]”

    It wasn’t magic. The guys head hit the STOP button. Sheesh!!!

  5. I agree with RL, well said.

    On the other hand being offended by annoying things that people do and say is a part of everyday life.

    We have to get used to it and deal with in our own way even when it really pisses us off big time.

    I have to put up with a ton of crap every single day in the course of a job and just living. Everyone does.

    It’s all part of life, children.

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