Apple exec: iPhone software update due soon

“Speaking to analysts for RBC Capital Markets this week, Apple’s Vice President of iPod Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said the first software update for his company’s iPhone handset is due to arrive shortly,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Management expressed excitement at plans to increase iPhone value over time via new software features, citing ‘the sky is the limit’ for iPhone software,’ analyst Mike Abramsky told clients in a research note Tuesday,” McLean reports. “‘An iPhone update patch is expected shortly.'”

“Abramsky speculated that upcoming iPhone software updates would include new widgets, peer-to-peer applications (chat, picture messaging, social networking), location-based services, MMS support, home networking, and possibly some integration with Mac OS X Leopard,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “After speaking with Joswiak, the analyst also made changes to his predictions for future iPhone models… Abramsky now says he expects Apple to differentiate its iPhone lineup not by features, but by price and memory capacity.”

More info in the full article here.


  1. It’s about time! The sky is the limit for the software and they need to do a lot of patching and improved customization. But, in the end I’m happy to be an iPhone beta tester!

    I just wished they’d take care of the pesky dropped calls when just getting out of range of one cell tower going to another – it’s really getting annoying!

    As a hardware/software product it’s top notch but as a cell phone, it’s really bordering on less than mediocre – for now…

  2. Read the article. Amazingly, it looks as though they will not include MS Exchange Support via ActiveSync. Wow. I can’t believe they are not rolling that out. BB and Treos makes are probably happy or ecstatic with that announcement.

  3. Wow! Whining ’cause it took a whole month for a major upgrade. Just be glad this isn’t a M$ product. You would be waiting longer than a month for an upgrade. I also find that the “phone” part of the iPhone is not mediocre, but AT&T is. With the cash that is being infused a AT&T right now, I do beleive this will change too. They did just buy Cellular One.

  4. @ originalrecipes: Actually Abramsky said, “No word however on integration to Microsoft Exchange,” not that it definitely isn’t coming. I think the key here is “Abramsky speculated….” In other words, take it with a large grain of salt.

  5. 1. An simple way to manage ringtones provided and supported by Apple, allowing me to use my ALREADY PURCHASED iTunes music to create freaking ringtones. The mere fact that anyone expects your to pay for a ringtone is beyond insulting. I can understand a large library of ringtones being made available at a cost but literally preventing me from creating them and uploading them in an attempt to force me to pay for them is almost Dickenzian.

    2. Once my iPhone is docked, I should be able to place calls through my Mac using my Mac’s speakers and even the microphone. I should have a dialing system that works through my Mac.

    3. I want to be able to treat my iPhone like a hard drive when connected to my computer. Come on! An iPod can do this. A freaking thumb drive can do this!

    4. A real iChat Client so that I don’t have to pay for freaking unlimited text messaging. Not having iChat costs about $20 per month.

    5. A real iPhone API so that developers can create REAL applications that reside on my iPhone. Web based apps for the iPhone suck. Even on WiFi, web based apps are slow and cumbersome. They are as quirky as the web always is and Safari is NO applications delivery platform by any stretch of the imagination. In addition, I’ll NEVER pay for a web based app. I will subscribed to web based databases, but I’m not going to pay for a web based chat program for instance and anyone who writes a good application should have the option of charging for it.

    Did I mention SLOW? Web based apps add insult to injury when you’re on the Edge network. Just waiting for the stupid application to show up is painful, let alone trying to use it.


    7. It’s OS X for crying out loud. If someone sends me a Vcard, let me double-click on it and have it automatically load into the phone’s address book.

    8. Why doesn’t the auto-correcting type system recognize the names of days of the week?

    9. MMO

    10. Video Ringtones

    11. GPS

    12. FileMkaer – Palms have FileMaker Mobile, but not Apple’s own phone?

    13. A speaker phone I don’t need a hearing aid to hear. A crappy little razr can sit on a table in a conference room and everyone can hear it and participate in the conversation. The speaker phone on the iPhone might as well not be there.

  6. 1) I’m fairly certain it’s in the update

    2) Onoes! This is so horrible! (sarcasm)

    3) Let’s hope so

    4) I bet it’s in the update

    5) If not this update then the next

    6) That’s not backstabbing AT&T At All!

    7) I guess tha’d be nice.

    8) /shrug

    9) … rofl….

    10) Umm…. What?

    11) Updates can’t make hardware appear out of nowhere unfortunately =(

    12) Isn’t this basically 5…?

    13) Sounds fine to me

  7. GPS. Please Apple. I know the iPhone has Google maps…and it is cool…but GPS for the love of God. Sometime soon?

    I have 8 months to go on my current contract. By then, you better have GPS capability.

    Or else.

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