“You’ve really done it this time,” Brett writes in an open letter to Microsoft Corp. posted to the Pseudomarkting blog.

“And I am leaving and never speaking to you again,” Brett writes. “It’s not that I want to dislike you. I was loyal to you for so long. I stuck with you through thick and thin. From DOS 5.0 through XP.”

MacDailyNews Take: Poor bastage. We tried Windows once… ONCE!

Brett continues, “But this new operating system is the last straw… You’d think at least someone (other than your PR people) would find something to like about a piece of software that took an industry leader five years and a gazillion dollars to develop. But I’ve yet to hear anyone say ‘Wow!’ about it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, come on, we’ve heard plenty of “Wows” — all of them preceding “this sucks.”

Brett continues, “Most people say it’s a just a naggy, inferior imitation of Mac OS X… I had this epiphany when I tried out my friend’s Macintosh with OS X. I realized how much grief you’d put me through: the constant crashes whenever I tried to run more than three applications, the endless required reboots, and the vicious malware attacks that I wasted many precious hours wrangling with. And then having to pay extra for third party security and virus programs – because you couldn’t keep a handle on things…”

“The secret is out, Microsoft. The reputation that you can’t be trusted to deliver reliable software is getting around fast,” Brett writes. “Hasta la Vista!”

Full letter here.

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MacDailyNews Take: For Windows-only users via Google News or elsewhere: Cut your losses. Get a Mac.