Jumsoft releases Pages clipart 1.0 for Apple iWork

Jumsoft has released Pages Clipart 1.0 for Apple iWork. Jumsoft provides 50 original high-quality clipart images.

The clipart images are transparent (without a background) and can be used in many spheres from business to art and leisure and are also suitable for fun activities, such as school presentations, invitations, posters, websites, newsletters, e-greetings, labels, notices, reminders or other occasions.

Clipart categories include food, vehicles, interaction, entertainment, items used in business world, industry, etc. in .pdf format allowing you to effectively resize them without sacrificing the quality of the picture for the size. You can also use the clipart images in Apple Keynote, MS Word, Power Point or other programs in need for graphics.

Pages Clipart 1.0 (US$39) requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 Tiger and Apple iWork 06.

More info here.


  1. @Petey Yeah, seems smarter to just get the things you actually NEED from somewhere like iStockphoto individually. Also, what makes these specifically Pages clipart? Because they are in .pdf format? Seems like a silly product launch.

  2. No no no, you’re all wrong. Just download what you want and pay for that? Nah.

    This is the 21st century. Everything is web 2.0. Users contribute the artwork, others comment on it, download on it, your social profile of what art you download builds and everyone can see what you’ve downloaded, and no one makes any money, but you get 5000 diggs.

  3. @Petey: Only pay for what you want – oh, say, like a song instead of an entire “album” …Hmmm what a phuquen novel idea. I wolder if it is a good business model. Naaaaaaa…. Who in their right mind would do something like that? After all, we have been buyin’ the whole kit and caboodle for-like-ever!

    As for this piece of carp – if it looks like a fish and smells like a fish… must be Jumsoft… what BS this one is… $39 for what? NOT ONE actually usable piece of clpart. Tell me it is your egos talking and I will understand – I won’t buy it BUT I will understand! This really is as bad as the Keynote “Templates” that are for shite!

    I went to the website and looked – what a waste of bandwidth that was! Cheech!

    Maybe if you add a clip-art-like “illustration of a Zune some M$ folks might pay for it! After all they are used to this kind of carp. (misspelling is intentional on this one , guys!)

  4. 50 images for 39$ ??? – make it 15$ and it starts to sound right.

    100 or 200 or 500 might be right, but 50. that’s almost like a dollar per image…

    iMean that’s like half of what iWork costs…

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