Apple wins six major advertising ‘Oscars’

Apple racked up the wins at the One Show Design awards, the “Oscars of the advertising industry,” now in its 32nd year. Apple walked off with a total of six awards on July 12th. The awards were held at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City.

Apple’s wins:
• iPod nano – Gold Pencil for design
• iPod Hi-Fi – Silver Pencil for design
• iPod shuffle – Bronze Pencil for design
• Mac Pro – Bronze Pencil for design
• Apple Camp – Bronze Pencil for Corporate Identity
• SoHo Posters – Silver Pencil for Posters/Campaign

More info here.


  1. I’m all happy about the awards for Apple and all, but I wonder about a site that uses “click here” links:

    To view the One Show Pencil winners list, click here.
    To view the One Show Interactive Pencil winners list, </b>click here.</b>
    (and so on)

    I mean, its a design award site, FGS! They should know better. (And yeah, MDN, you’re frequently guilty of the same design offense. But we forgive you.)

    MW: values What’s happened to this country’s design values?

  2. It’s really laughable because there’s almost no competition. The only non-Apple device I can recall that has caused any major stir is the Wii. I would still like to see Apple do better on the games front as it is the only caveat remaining, where despite the switch to intel most game sites agree that PCs are still king of gamers if for no other reason than graphics card customizability.

  3. It’s really laughable because there’s almost no competition.
    You didn’t happen to read what the story was about, did you?
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