Apple iPhone goes enterprise at AWC, North America’s largest automobile processing company

“Auto Warehousing Co. CIO Dale Frantz spent the Fourth of July holiday on his deck, fooling around with his brand-new iPhone. First, he tried pulling up a few of his favorite Web sites. No problem. Then, just for kicks, he tried accessing the company’s Web-based VIPS application, which runs virtually all of AWC’s auto processing operations,” Julia King reports for Computerworld.

“‘I keyed in the URL, and it presented the log-on page. Because VIPS was written for [Internet Explorer] 6, I wasn’t expecting functions to work,’ Frantz recalls. But after he typed in his user ID and password, up popped the application’s regular menu of options, and Frantz was off and running,” King reports.

“After his little backyard experiment, Frantz has another plan in the works: order iPhones for the 50 or so traveling managers and give them anywhere/anytime access to VIPS data via Internet access furnished under an enterprise contract with AT&T Inc. Some modifications will be necessary for 100% VIPS functionality on the iPhone, and Frantz has already charged AWC developers with making them,” King reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader ” DavidO” for the heads up.]
Dale, we love you, man!


  1. Amazing what IT people can accomplish when they actually put some thought and effort into it, as opposed to the community college drop-out MS drones that stand back arms folded proclaiming that nothing from Apple will ever work within their company.

  2. Gregg,

    is that a variation of the old nursery rhyme that I don’t know.

    For the last several hundred years it’s always been:

    “London bridge is falling down,
    Falling down, Falling down.
    London Bridge is falling down,
    My fair lady.”

    There was only one London Bridge.

  3. Comment from: Gregg Thurman

    London Bridges falling down, falling down.
    London Bridges falling down, falling down…

    That would be:
    London Bridge is falling down…

    Yes, it would seem to be so.

  4. When these people end up being very successful and satisfied, they’ll talk… loudly. People will listen because no one likes to be stupider than the next guy in business.

    All we needed was a foot in the door. Thank, you AWC!

    MW “Tipping Point” as in “The MW should have been ‘Tipping Point.'”

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