Study: Apple iPhone owners ‘off the charts’ satisfied with device

“Early iPhone owners are overwhelmingly happy with their devices, a survey out Friday says, and Apple and AT&T are luring customers from rivals as a result,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today.

“In one of the first such studies, 90% of 200 owners said they were ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ satisfied with their phone. And 85% said they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ likely to recommend the device to others, says the online survey conducted and paid for by market researcher Interpret of Santa Monica, Calif. The firm surveyed 1,000 cellphone users July 6-10,” Baig reports.

“The findings are ‘pretty much off the charts,’ says Jason Kramer, Interpret’s chief strategy officer,” Baig reports. “The firm’s clients are in the entertainment and mobile industries.”

“The iPhone is extending Apple’s reach, the survey says. Three of 10 buyers were first-time Apple customers. For 40%, iPhone is their first iPod,” Baig reports. “Apple could ‘change the physics in the phone market,’ if it is as successful building loyalty to the iPhone as it has been in the music and computer markets, says Gene Munster, senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray.”

Full article here.

Our use of the term “bloodbath” to describe what havoc iPhone will wreak upon the mobile industry may have been an understatement. Sometimes still we just stop for a few seconds while using the iPhone and just stare at it in utter amazement. It really is a fun, beautiful, and transformative device that will only get better.


  1. “The firm’s clients are in the entertainment and mobile industries.”

    Meaning those industries have never ever seen customer satisfaction levels anywhere near 85-90 percent.

    (MW: numbers)

  2. Time for MacDailyNews to add a Tandy CoCo to their web server farm. The Atari 2600 system they got just doesn’t cut it.

    I wish Ballmer would say something now. He’s sooo fat!

  3. re: your term ‘bloodbath’.

    I’ve interacted enough in here with you folks to understand that it’s just a metaphor. However, it really seems like all these blood-letting metaphors that you repeatedly use are distateful at best and appallingly characteristic of the American penchant for violent victory at best.

    Why don’t you just say that Apple will soon dominate all those assholes and make them grovel? It would be much nicer if it were phrased that way, wouldn’t it?

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