Microsoft: Your Frustration. Our Fault. – 77% expect Windows Vista problems, a service which provides consumers with “Instant Technology Relief” from their frustrating computer problems, today announced the top call drivers into about Microsoft’s new operating system, Vista.

According to a recent independent survey from, of 1,000 computer users in the U.S., 77-percent expected some sort of problem with Vista, including 30 percent who expected problems due to the new user interface. Anthony Rodio, chief marketing officer responsible for, noted that the top three consumer call drivers regarding Vista since its release six months ago include:

1. Navigation problems – The new Aero user interface is causing confusion among consumers trying to locate files or operate basic functionality due to the fact that people are accustomed to using the interface in Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

2. Device incompatibility – Consumers who purchase computers with Vista installed or who upgrade their current system cannot connect their devices, including printers, MP3 players and digital cameras, due to outdated drivers.

3. Home networking issues – Consumers who set up a home network using a Vista-enabled computer cannot view other computers in the network running Windows XP.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s no wonder Windows-only sufferers are so terrified of trying something new; Microsoft has for years issued empty promises of something better while conditioning them to expect nothing but frustration and failure. It’s not surprising that these people won’t believe Apple or Mac users when told that there is a much better way. It’s gotten so bad that Apple has to let the frustrated masses take their insecurity blanket with them to the Mac until they figure out for themselves what a sham Microsoft and Windows really is! It doesn’t have to be like this. Windows-only users, you want real “Instant Technology Relief?” Get a Mac.

[UPDATE 9:56am EDT: Edited headline, replaced “experience” with “expect,” as per “MrMcLargeHuge.”]


  1. replace all those Vista users with Mac OS users and you’ll probably find the numbers to be similar. of course there’s lots of people with Vista issues. there’s lots of people with Vista. if you don’t think Mac users have issues, check the Apple Support forums sometime.

    you provide the food, i’ll provide the perspective.

  2. Alright MDN, let’s be fair. Your headline is deceiving and an example of bad journalism. The article explicitly states that “77-percent expected some sort of problem with Vista.” Your headline, however, says that “77% experience Windows Vista problems.” Expect and experience are two seperate things.

  3. Number 3 is a huge pain too. It is a simple fix that isn’t documented well on the MS site either (their “Help” tells you to make sure you are running as administrator on the Vista machine). It involves downloading an update to the windows XP machine that most people would not even know existed. So frustrating to fix/figure out.

  4. Oh come on people, let’s give MS a break here – And may I suggest right down the middle of the back, along the spinal region.

    But seriously, a single blow to the back of the head might do it.

    Just kidding of course, decapitation would be quicker and less painful for everyone.

    One the other hand, slow disembowlment would probably help some of us with out vindication issues.

    No but really…

  5. I think the smug, ignorant Windows users are funny. I had this one guy trying to tell me Vista Gadgets were ‘groundbreaking’. I pulled out my MacBook, pressed F12 and said “you mean these?”

    Next, his ‘instant search’ was humbled by Spotlight finding an email about a holiday I took 2 years ago in SECONDS.

    Then I got his external USB hard drive and plugged it into my MacBook – it mounted almost instantly and all the files were available. I gave him my HFS+ formatted FireWire HD and he couldn’t even get it to mount, Vista gave a strange error message.

    Yeh, smug Windows users are annoying, until you smack them down a peg or two with the truth.

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