Which companies benefit from Apple iPhone’s halo?

“We learned from its iPod that Apple wasn’t the only company that investors could make money on as the product’s popularity grew. If the iPhone continues to sell as well as it did last week, we should take a look at the vendors supplying the parts for the iPhone. Apple is the big winner if the iPhone does well, but the success of this product may create a bullish ‘halo’ effect around the suppliers. Here’s how they look,” John Hughes and Scott Maragioglio reports for TheStreet.com.

Hughes and Maragioglio cover some of Apple’s iPhone component suppliers:
• Broadcom
• National Semiconductor
• Infineon

Full article here.


  1. @R2…

    Apple is waiting two weeks to make sure there are no mass returns.

    I had not trouble getting an iPhone late Saturday afternoon in Bellevue, WA. Of course, I’m still waiting for activation… 🙁

  2. @ Jay
    No, Marvell makes the 802.11 chip for iPhone. iPhone CPU is an ARM chip made by Samsung. Samsung is a big winner here because it provides the CPU and the NAND flash.

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