Apple iPhone development limits


Patience, Padawans. All good things come to those developers who wait for Apple’s timeline to unfurl.


  1. I do understand Apple keeping a tight reign, but with all the patents they hold on this thing, they need to loosen up. Developers make or break a platform, and iPhone is in unique position to have the most robust 3rd party app support of any phone ever, and yet seems content on a “good enough” stance.

  2. I agree with everyone on this point. It’s time to open the doors to iPhone Nirvana. Even if the have the biggest bouncer at the door checking I.D.

    I LOVE my iphone, but we need to get with the program if it’s ever going to see 10 million sold.

  3. It is more complexe than exposed.

    Java and Flash are NOT part of that web 2.0 trend.

    It is understandable that Apple will take is time to release those plug-in. If it was up to me, flash and Java would never come to the iPhone platform. I am still having a hard time with a 1Ghz processor and a gig of ram to play JAVA games. Imagine on an iPhone all the crappy polluted apps that would develop….!!

    Peace to Apple,

    Steve, buy Adobe first and then make it to the iPhone.

  4. Flash was not fully developed at the time the iphone was in R&D, by the time the iphone prototype was complete, there was no time to include flash in order to Q&A it to the maximum standard Apple requires.

    Wait until the iphone has been launched World-wide and Leopard has been released, the boffins will then be unleashed to really start openning up the platform so that any Apps developed, can be fully tested before being installed into the OS itself.

    I can visualize the Ball/mers/silies of this World spread that kind of FUD so that they can get access to the iphones OS in order to write apps that will allow bugs into the iphone.

    Industrial espionage is alive and kicking folks! Just have a look at Ferrari in the last two weeks!!!!!!

  5. Apple is a for-profit corporation that also happens to be the most technologically innovative institution around. Why would they play all their cards all at once when the cards they have already played are still turning in a healthy profit?

  6. I have to side with MDN (and Apple) on this one. It’s their platform. The phone and iPod features alone are worth the price of the device to most users. 3rd-party app development is icing on the case that most people won’t take advantage of. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but Apple wants to get it right.

    Many people doubted Apple could deliver a decent cell phone, having just entered a very mature market. They did that, and I think that counts for something. Let’s not overburden the device too soon.

  7. Apple needs (and should have already) found a way to let developers create apps for iPhone, even if it involved Apple creating a testing program and only allowing those apps to be sold through iTunes. I tend to agree that no flash or java is not too bad, but some method for creating apps on iPhone should have been prepared for the iPhone’s release.

    Let’s be real – Apple hasn’t been working on this product for only 6 months. It’s been 3-4 years at least, and a well thought out developer plan with sufficient controls to satisfy Apple should have been done in time for the release.

    Apple runs a real risk of losing the marketing glory for the iPhone if developers are not allowed to create apps on the iPhone. This harkens back to the Dark Ages of the Mac, when the proprietary hardware and lack of support for developers drove developers to Windows. We don’t want to see that happen again, not when developers are coming to the Mac in droves.

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