Nisus Software releases Nisus Writer Pro

Nisus Software today announced the release of Nisus Writer Pro, the latest member of the Nisus Software family.

Building on the core of Nisus Writer Express, Nisus Writer Pro brings new features such as Table of Contents, Cross References, Bookmarks, Text Wrap Around Images, Widow and Orphan Control, and Line Numbering. Classic Nisus Writer users will appreciate the addition of attribute sensitive Find and Replace, Glossaries and an upgraded Nisus Macro Language.

These new features add to a feature set that includes an easy-to-use interface, multilingual text support, easy to use Style system, non-contiguous selection, full screen mode, and a native file format (RTF) that almost any word processor can read.

“This release adds some major features all of which have been requested by our users. In addition our enhanced macro language will enable our advanced users to add specialized features and share these with others through our forums and web site.” says Jerzy Lewak CEO and President, in the press release. “We thank our beta testers for their input culminating in this release.”

Nisus Writer Pro is available now for $79.00 ($45.00 for the upgrade version). A three license Family Pack is also available for $99.00. Versions on CD are available for an additional $10.00 plus shipping. A printed manual is also available for $25.00 plus shipping.

Nisus Writer Pro is a universal binary and requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or higher (Mac OS X 10.4 recommended).

For more information on Nisus Writer Pro, or to download the 15 day demo, visit:


  1. They’ve just got around to adding table-of-contents, widow & orphan control, etc? These are ESSENTIAL! Things like this are why I have to use Word.

    For that matter, I don’t think Apple’s Pages has them either. Can anyone comment?

  2. Try the demo. You may wean yourself from Word as I have. I’ve used Nisus Writer Express for about two years now and, with Pro’s addition of TOC, indexing, and an incredible find/replace feature, I don’t have any reason to use Word. The palettes feature is well implemented so you have all kinds of resources on the desktop rather than hunting through menus or remembering keyboard shortcuts. Pages does have TOC, but Nisus makes both table of contents and indexing much quicker and easier to do.

  3. I have been a Nisus user since Version 1.05 running under System 6.02.

    Widow and orphan control, Indexing and Table of contents were all in the Nisus word processor from (if I remember correctly, version 2)

    Some of these features were stripped out in Nisus Writer Express to create a lighter version. As were things like unlimited undos, 10 clipboards and many many features. The Macros in Nisus were phenomenal.

    Seems to me that the new “Pro” edition brings back things that were there in earlier versions of the full product.

  4. Nisus Writer was a wonderful wp back in the System days, but when they had to move to OS X, instead of doing a Carbon version of it, they decided to go native and use Cocoa.
    Problem was: how to translate 16 years of development into such a new franework?
    So, instead of doing it from scratch, they bought Okito Composer, got Charels Jolley (the developer of Okito Composer) in and got going from there.
    NW Pro adds some of the features from the good old days back, but NW Express is a great wp the way it is. The UI is wonderful, the best of all wp available out there imho.

    The story of the Nisus and Okito merger:

  5. I have been a Nisus Writer Express user for a couple of years, and I love it. One of the best features is the Find/Replace tool, which I use to clean up large exported (corrupted) databases of contacts and calendars for clients, making them into vCard and iCal files for use in OS X.

    Anyway, NWP is a great word processor. Go try it as a demo. Save files as RTF and you’ll be playing well with all other modern word processors.

    my 2c

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