Mossberg answers Apple iPhone questions; says Flash plug-in coming for iPhone’s Safari

“I was swamped with questions about Apple’s hot new iPhone, so this is a special all-iPhone edition of Mossberg’s Mailbox,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Questions covered:
• Can you physically remove the included AT&T SIM card from the iPhone and replace it with another AT&T card or one from another wireless carrier?

• Since the iPhone battery is sealed in and can’t be easily replaced by the user, what happens when it dies? Will you have to buy a new iPhone?

• Can I use the iPhone via a Bluetooth wireless connection in my car? Can I use Bluetooth to transfer files or other information between the iPhone and a computer?

• If the iPhone’s Web browser is so good, why can’t it play video on Web sites I visit? At launch, the iPhone version of the Safari browser is missing some plug-ins needed for playing common types of Web videos. The most important of these is the plug-in for Adobe’s Flash technology. Apple says it plans to add that plug-in through an early software update.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s iPhone for Web Developers documentation states, “You’ll want to avoid using Flash and Java for iPhone content. You’ll also want to avoid encouraging users to download the latest Flash on their iPhone, because neither Flash nor downloads are supported by Safari on iPhone.”

• You have been critical in the past of some smart phones that don’t allow you to delete emails with a single click. Can the iPhone do this?

• Can you buy an iPhone and just use it to play music and videos like an iPod, and to surf the Web or get email over Wi-Fi, without signing up for an AT&T service contract?

• You and many others have criticized AT&T’s EDGE data network, which the iPhone uses, as slow. You have noted that AT&T has a much faster data network. Can the iPhone be upgraded to use that faster network?

• How good is the iPhone’s To-Do list or Task function?

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  1. This is really important to the feature set, not sure why it was left out in the first place but its good to know that they have ability to provide major upgrades through software updates.

    I would like to see shockwave included and more importantly full java and javascript support.

  2. Mossberg wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. It’s obvious from his reviews over the years that he has an inside track at Apple. He and David Pogue are tighter with Jobs than anyone else in the media.

  3. @Joe

    Extremely Unlikely: Shockwave isn’t even a universal binary.

    Though I couldn’t see it being overly useful anyway; flash, on the other hand… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. As for to do list and all that……..

    Software upgrade! Its all in the SOFATWARE UPGRADE capability already built into it.

    Patience……Human Children do not walk 5 minutes after they are born!, the earliest they can do that is after One year……(Someone correct me, you could earn yourself a life times supply of Camel’s Milk)

  5. I have a hard time believing Flash will make its way to the iPhone. This is a perfect opportunity for Apple to put Flash in the same toilet Windows Media is now in. In both cases, Quicktime is a winner.

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