Gateway recalls 14,000 laptop batteries

“Gateway Inc. is recalling 14,000 batteries used in its notebook PCs after four customers reported that their computers had overheated, a similar condition to the massive battery recall that swept the industry in 2006,” Ben Ames reports for IDG News Service.

“Dell Inc., Apple Inc., Lenovo Group Ltd. and other vendors recalled more than 8 million batteries made by Sony Corp. when customers began complaining that the rechargeable lithium-ion cells could overheat and catch fire after being dropped. Gateway recalled 35,000 batteries in that episode, beginning in October 2006,” Ames reports.

“However, the new recall affects battery cells made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and assembled into battery packs by Simplo Technology Co. Ltd., of Taiwan, Gateway spokeswoman Lisa Emard said on Tuesday,” Ames reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. Just going to say that gateway’s pc’s are much better than anything Dell has.

    Every dell I have used has messed up hardware wise.

    Also Gateway, like mac, puts all of their drivers on the install disk so you don’t have 20 disks like Dell.

    That being said I stopped using Gateways products only because Mac’s rock so effin much.

    If this cripples Gateway, thats sad because I considered them one of the better computer companies.

    So now if I ever have to have a PC I may have to go with HP.


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