HTC Touch more iPhony joke than Apple ‘iPhone killer’

“With Apple’s iPhone quickly approaching its release date, HTC and Microsoft knew they had to squeeze something out to compete,” Vince Veneziani reports for CrunchGear.

MacDailyNews Take: Descriptions for the HTC Touch don’t get more apt than “HTC and Microsoft had to squeeze something out.” It’s positively Zune-like.

Veneziani continues, “It uses Windows Mobile 6 combined with an overlaying GUI called “TouchFLO” that provides a similar experience to that of the iPhone. But can it compete with the #1 product that isn’t even out yet? No…”

The full review is here, but we can cut right to the chase. Compare the two videos below to see the HTC Touch sufferer struggling to accomplish even a subset of the things the iPhone user does with complete ease. The HTC Touch provides a “similar experience” to iPhone the same way Windows Vista provides a “similar experience” to Mac OS X. As in: it’s not similar at all; just ugly veneer. Cheesy new paneling over rotten wood. The HTC’s UI is a complete mishmash with old Windows mobile junk commingled with HTC’s iPhony icons; Microsoft must have “helped” HTC immensely with this piece. Just count the clicks, see all the hoops through which the HTC requires the sufferer to jump, and look at the many tiny, virtually “untouchable” targets he’s asked to click… and click… and click… and click some more…

Apple’s iPhone:

HTC Touch:

MacDailyNews Take: This is no different than the frustration of watching a Windows sufferer trying (and failing) to match what Mac OS X users do with ease. Why anyone would want to subject themselves to struggling with cheap fakes of vastly superior products remains well beyond our comprehension.


  1. TouchFLO? Man, this “GUI” should be called LooseFLO — as in, this is what happens when you mix the same company that designed the Zune with a little Montezuma’s Revenge.

    Truly craptacular.

  2. Gosh… how unoriginal… I can sorta do the same thing the iphone does…see…SEE!

    I can’t believe he didn’t retake it when he messed up with the menu bar thing. SOOOO GAY…

    It was so frustrating to watch I had to watch the iphone one again just to make me happy…

  3. Wow, guess this takes out a lot of the FUD directed at the iPhone – when everyone of those M$ zombies said touchpad for keys wouldn’t work.

    Even with this M$’s interface the writer said touchpad screen typing wasn’t that bad.

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