Melodeo plans music service from iTunes playlists

“Melodeo Inc. said on Tuesday it plans to help music fans expand use of their iTunes digital music collections beyond their desktop computer and iPod by streaming songs in personal libraries to mobile phones,” Reuters reports.

“Privately held Melodeo, which already delivers Web-based audio clips to phones, said the service — now in test mode — would stream songs to cell phones for music fans who provide it with a list of the songs stored in personal libraries that use iTunes, Apple Inc’s digital music software,” Reuters reports.

“The idea of the service, which comes ahead of Apple’s expected launch this month of its music-playing iPhone, is to let consumers who have digital music libraries listen to digital music on the go without a portable player,” Reuters reports. “It also lets listeners access songs from their library on more than one personal computer.”

“Melodeo revenue could be from monthly fees for the service, software download fees, or audio advertisements,” Reuters reports. “Melodeo is not selling copies of songs for consumers to store on their phones — it simply plays songs based on a customer’s iTunes list.”

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  1. Maybe I’m missing something here but this sounds like a dumb solution to a dumb problem caused by the wireless providers.
    I have to send this company my list of iTunes songs, and then they stream me those same song (for a fee) to my cell phone and waste my minutes?!

    Why not just let me load the songs directly on to my cell phone from, say, iTunes?

  2. Pay for a service monthly that allows me to “call” my iTunes library and listen to songs while further costing me minutes? I DON’T THINK SO, HOMEY DON’T PLAY THAT.

    I’d rather get an iPhone, and place some music on that for free, and listen to it in better quality.

  3. So lets see if I’m right?
    I send them a list of my tunes. I will then have to use my minutes, or pay, to be able to listen to tunes based on the tunes on my library?

    Can I choose which particular track I want to listen to at a particular time or do they just pick for me at random?
    If they are playing songs based on my list does that mean they are not playing songs from my iTunes library but from their own library. If so that means if I have a song but they don’t then I can’t listen to it. Do they even have all the songs that iTunes have?

    There is no way I’ll pay for this. What a waste of time.

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