Does Apple’s iPhone have GPS capabilities?

“Apple’s new series of iPhone ads may hint at new features that were previously unmentioned. The ad entitled ‘Calamari’ shows a button at the bottom of the screen that reads ‘Directions To Here’ which would mean that the iPhone has GPS [Global Positioning System] capabilities,” LoopRumors reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, there’s another obvious posssibility here: the user could be required to tell the phone where it’s currently located in order to get the proper directions.

“A local trucking company also confirmed that an AT&T salesman pitched selling the company a large number of iPhones at a discount, as low as $249 for a bulk order of over 100 phones,” LoopRumors reports. “‘He promoted the iPhone as “a great way to monitor and track where the trucks were throughout the country by using its GPS functionality.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Not sure what’s going on with this bit, but if we had a nickel for every time a salesman pitched us something incorrectly…

Full article here.

Apple’s iPhone “Calamari” ad:


  1. If it had GPS functionality, don’tcha think Steve would’ve mentioned that by now? Or that it would’ve been mentioned somewhere on the website? I don’t think so. The Google Maps feature works by setting a preference with your current zip code.

  2. The AT&T guy that offered the discount must be a fool. By all accounts, there will be a short supply. Why discount when you have more people wanting to buy the product than have products available?

  3. these type of stupid rumors bring downa stock price after an anouncement – lets stop building castles in the air.
    MDN – pls do not even publish this nonsense – cos on Jun 29 people will say its a great phone but no GPS

  4. A good reason for Jobs not to have mentioned GPS functionality in the iPhone is that doing so would allow their competitors to add similar functionality to their newest phones. You can be sure that since the January announcement/unveiling of the iPhone, Apple’s competitors in the phone biz have been scrambling to patch together new phones which in some cosmetic respects will appear to be in a class with the iPhone. Why help them?


    jeeeeeze – why does common sense never prevail?!

    why does it have to be some far fetched idea instead of ‘hmm- te wifi signal bars are present in the pics – maybe ‘direction to here’ works EXACTLY the way it does currently on google maps. you either have a profile set up with a ‘home’ location – or – you input your current location… and its found VIA WIFI.. or slowly via edge… by simply connecting to


  6. The world is not such an interesting place that a reporter can have interesting news to report all the time. So, they make stuff up. Some reporters are not very good at finding the existing interesting things so they tend to make up more stuff than average. They are just looking for something interesting to say. It doesn’t have to be true, just interesting.

    Reporters are very similar to lawyers in many regards.

  7. “at a discount, as low as $249 for a bulk order of over 100 phones”

    I think I see an investment opportunity here. Could I buy 100 phones at $249 and sell them on ebay when all the stores run out? Easy 2 bagger at least, in my estimation. Maybe more.


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