Mac2Sell offers online estimates for used Apple Macs

Apple StoreMacPlus has announced a new free and international service to evaluate the price of a used Macintosh. “The Mac2Sell guide to used Macs” evolves every day and reference thousands of Apple configurations, standart or not.

“We wish to provide every web surfer in many countries, a free and easy-to-use service so that they can evaluate the price of an used Mac which they want to buy or sell – like everyone can do for a car”, explains Cédric Mériau, president of “The used Mac market is very healthy and the creation of such a price reference may contribute to his expansion.”

The Mac2Sell service is free:


  1. Wow, my old 15″ PowerBook G4 1.67GHz, 1.5GB RAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive is worth $1,200.

    Guess I should have checked before I just passed it down to my 5 year old. That kid (God love him) will probably destroy it in a week. Oh well…

  2. It is great if we can really sell our old stuff at these prices. I wonder if this is an average in the global market, or just the US (where Macs are definitely cheaper than elsewhere).

  3. What the hell? I endured their painfully slow site, making my selections and filling in the form, only to have the final screen flash by for one nanosecond, then nothing. Blank.

    Maybe they’re getting hammered right now, but really… I suspect their site is “optimized” for I.E., weird as that sounds.

  4. Unbelievably slow website. Incredibly clunky interface. But possibly a useful resource. Of course, no allowance is made for regional differences in the used computer market. The “U.S.” is a very big place. No allowance is made for the condition of the computer either. My conclusion: use the information dispensed by this site with a grain of salt.

  5. OK, I hit the back button from here and what do you know, the final screen appeared. Anyone wanna buy a Quad G5 with 4.5GB ram, 500MB RAID drive, superdrive, for the fantastically low price of $2260?

    That’s with VAT included. Huh? Does this mean this is the price in Euros? (And yes, I did click USA to start.)

  6. Okay, anyone who will give me $920 for my like-new 15″ PowerBook G4 1.33 with 1.25gigs of ram, 60gig HD, and CD burner, it’s theirs. Heck, I’ll even pay shipping.

    A bit unrealistic pricing, for the US anyway. But I will ship it overseas for that price!

  7. From what I read, obviously the price given is over estimate for US users, feel free to send us your configuration, your country, the price given and the price you think you could sell it.

    All we wants is make it better !

    And sorry for slowness, we’re improving as much as we can our server.

  8. I’m with you Chris.

    My G4 Sawtooth with 1GHz upgrade, 1 gig of ram and 120 gig drive was priced at $600!!!

    I think their pricing is a bit high. I could imagine getting 300 for it.

  9. Imac 24 with 2.33 Intel Core Duo 2Gigs of RAM and the graphics card with 256 Megs RAM came up as $1700. Is that right? Seems low to me. It retails at $2549 new. $800 dollar depreciation. ????

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