Can’t wait?  How to ‘Leopardize’ Mac OS X Tiger

Apple Store“‘Another six months?!’ You could hear the wails from Macintosh users last month when Apple Inc. announced that Mac OS X 10.5, known as Leopard, would not ship until October 2007, rather than this spring as originally promised,” Ryan Faas reports for Computerworld.

Faas reports, “Apple had announced Leopard at its Worldwide Developers Conference in August 2006, touting a number of new and improved features, including the following:”

• Spaces, a system that will allow users to group applications into different virtual desktops and easily switch among them
• Time Machine, an easy-to-use backup application with a radical 3-D interface
• A revision of Mac OS X’s Dashboard that will make it easier to create and manage widgets
• A new version of iChat AV with support for piping presentations and real-time screenshots to others, along with a number of visual effects that can be added to video chats
• A new version of the Spotlight search tool with a technology called Quick Look that gives full-size previews of any document without opening it

Fass reports, “These announcements were enough to get eager Mac users drooling, so the delay hit them hard. But while they will have to wait for Leopard, they don’t have to wait to add some Leopard-like features to their Macs. Shareware and commercial tools already make it possible to add many of these features (or something similar) to the current Mac OS X 10.4, known as Tiger.”

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  1. But what I really want is multi-threaded improvements. Why when I have Parellels running (and it’s hogging a whole processor to itself while it tries to display a Windows XP desktop) and there’s a whole other processor twiddling its thumbs, do I get the spinning wheel of death and unresponsive applications for as much as 5 minutes.?

  2. I can wait for Leopard and spare any system crashes from installing 3rd party apps which may take up more drive space and CPU then they really need too. There’s a lot more to leopard than what was mentioned in January anyways. We should here about the secret stuff next month. That should be really interesting what the folks at Apple’s R&D came up with this time.

  3. Make Tiger look like Leopard! Fool your friends! Not.

    I met a cutting-edge-type guy who glued a PRNDL indicator to the top of the steering column of his three-on-the-tree ’54 Dodge.

    It didn’t help. He was still an idiot.

  4. No I agree with MPC Guy. A Windows Explorer system of file browsing would be very usefull. Can see all files at once. Pathways just dosn’t quite cut it. That is the ONLY feature of windows that I like over the mac.

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