Beleaguered Dell sued over shoddy tech support, creating ‘Dell Hell’

Apple Store“Dell is the No. 2 computer seller in the United States, but now some say the technology giant is ripping off its customers,” ABC News reports.

“New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against Dell, accusing the company of deceptive, fraudulent and illegal business practices,” ABC News reports.

“‘You can have aggressive marketing, and if you go too far it’s consumer fraud,’ Cuomo said Tuesday. ‘In our opinion they went too far, and this is consumer fraud. They offered a product, a service that they didn’t deliver,'” ABC News reports.

“Part of the suit claims that though Dell gave the impression of an “award-winning service” available to consumers ’24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ consumers faced ‘nightmarish obstacles’ to get help and technical service for their computers. Cuomo said New York had received 700 complaints about Dell — more than the number of complaints for any other related subject,” ABC News reports. “Some Dell owners say when they sought help for their PCs, they endured a kind of Dell Hell.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bev M” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh. You get what you pay for.


  1. you pay $500 for a computer and you’re upset you don’t get high-quality service????

    They have to give you what’s advertised. If they sell a Corvette for a dollar, and advertise that it will best a Ferrari in the 1/4 mile, it better do it. It doesn’t matter what the product costs, the company has to deliver what it advertises.

    MDW: “give” Give you Dell little box away and buy a Mac.

  2. ChrissyOne …

    Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell Beleaguered Dell

  3. @ oh my

    You took the words right out of my mouth… =)

    BTW, I saw this rumor yesterday on Google finance, and the speculation was that Cuomo (didn’t he front Weezer?) was going to go after Apple. D’oh!!! =) More FUD revealed!!! =)
    So you go, Cuomo, stick it to Mike and put this litter-box maker down once and for all. We’ve all had enough.


  4. @gforce – Exactly.

    My favorite Dell story is still the one told by one of my Dell-using work associates. Last October he was having continual problems with his laptop, and kept having to send it in. On the third time when he called to get the status of his warranty repair the tech support person asked him what he was using his laptop for, my buddy replied that he was using it mostly for creating and delivering Powerpoint presentations. No lie, according to my Dell-using friend, a loyal Dell user mind you, the tech support person seriously recommended that he get a Mac laptop.

    That should be Dell’s new motto: Want to get something done on the run, get a Mac.

  5. In Dell’s defense, my father-in-law is one of those complaining about Dell, but most of his problems have been with Windows. He had to pay Dell for help since the issue wasn’t hardware related. That being said, Dell has the responsibility of working out some sort of deal with microsoft to support customers. I pointed out to my in-law this other advantage of buying an Apple — they make the computer and the operating system. Now after all my efforts to get him to switch, in the end it was Microsoft that finally got him to switch. He’s getting a macbook pro.

  6. I’m all about people speaking proper English if that’s the language choice I choose at the beginning of my service call.

    Dell must outsource their service calls to India or someplace similar.

    At least Apple’s service guys-n-gals can speak English (or whatever language you prefer). It’s the small things that count.

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