Court won’t hear case to tear down Steve Jobs’ house

“The California Supreme Court does not want to hear about Steve Jobs’ quest to tear down a historic Woodside mansion. On April 25, the state’s high court turned down Jobs’ petition to hear his case,” Andrea Gemmet reports for Palo Alto Online.

“Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc., has been waging a losing battle against a group of preservationists over the fate of the Jackling house, a massive Spanish Colonial revival-style mansion built in 1926,” Gemmet reports.

“He said he plans to tear it down and build a new family home on the Mountain Home Road site, but has been thwarted by an ad-hoc preservation group called Uphold Our Heritage that filed suit to block the demolition,” Gemmet reports. “Jobs was granted a demolition permit by the town of Woodside in December 2004.”

Gemmet reports, “Jobs has said that he plans to build a much smaller family home on the site, and referred to the Jackling house, where he lived for 10 years, as an architectural ‘abomination.’ In recent years, the Jackling house has been uninhabited and allowed to fall into disrepair.”

“The demolition permit for the Jackling house came with an unusual condition — that Mr. Jobs offer to give away the mansion to someone who would relocate it and restore it. A handful of prospective takers have come forward, but the relocation plans have been on hold while the case made its way through the courts,” Gemmet reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bizarro Ballmer” for the heads up.]

Information about the Jackling house via the Uphold Our Heritage Web site:


  1. If the State or a private interest group wants to preserve the home, they should buy it themselves. It’s always very easy to be idealistic when someone else is paying the price for that idealism.

  2. How about he restores it and turns it into a revenue-producing Museum of Inovation that includes every Apple product ever released, and finds himself a secluded place free of the publicity and traffic this location already has

  3. Spanish Revivalism. What a joke. How is Spanish Revivalism our heritage? We are not Spanish. So why should our homes look Spanish. I’ll bet the architect nor the owner were Spanish.

    It’s an abomination. What integrity does a house designed in a fake Spanish style in the US have? It’s just a big house built by a really wealthy man in a really wealthy neighborhood.

  4. Better yet assasinate the people responsible for holding this up.I can totally picture the people that want to keep the house around. Theyre the kind of people that do nothing more than sit around and discuss world politics, interspersed with cognac and moaning about the state of their dafodils.

    Its just an ego trip for these idiots, stopping someone like Jobs from doing what he likes with his own property.

  5. @ Jeff: “you win some, you loose some.” Actually, you win some, and you LOSE some.

    @ George W Bullshit: The term “heritage” to you third-worlders refers to the flies that have been laying eggs in your children’s eyes for so long you’ve given them NAMES! (The insects, not your kids.)

  6. Typical California bulls_hit, such as in California there’s now a difference between sex (male and female) and gender (male and female).

    If I see “butch” in the men’s room, I’m throwing her (it) out.

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