Apple’s third New York City store to be gigantic

Apple Store“Apple has found the beef in the Meatpacking District, with the hip electronics retailer leasing a whopper of a store at 401 W. 14th St. – its third in the Big Apple,” Lois Weiss reports for The New York Post.

Weiss reports, “The Post has learned Apple is leasing more than 32,000 feet on the cellar, ground and second floor of the 60,000-square-foot, low-rise structure on the northwest corner of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue.”

“Apple already has a store on Prince Street in SoHo and in the General Motors Building Plaza on Fifth Avenue. Earlier plans for a store on 34th Street are expected to be scrapped,” Weiss reports.

Full article, with artist’s rendering of proposed new Apple store at 401 W. 14th Street, here.


  1. was at the Gm bldg store last eve – and i swear in the 15 mins i was there they sold at least 7 computers (inluding two iMacs). people are really buying macs – back to school will see 2.5 mm units sold

  2. Apple can advertise with big stores. Wanna help show the power of the Mac? Currently, a small percentage of distributed computing is done by Macs – somewhere on the order of 2.6%. I know the market share of Macs is higher than that, so let’s show them that we are not as stingy as we currently appear to be.

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    I have setup a team here called “Mac Daily News.” The team has donated a year’s worth of computing in the past 6 weeks. It’s growing, but it needs your help.

    Using Boinc, you can join multiple projects at a time. There are other good projects to join such as Folding @ Home. Whatever you choose to participate in, we should all donate our spare CPU cycles and show the world the power of the Mac. Currently, we are looking very meager, which makes us look smug to the rest of the world. Show the world that we aren’t.

  3. I’m actually kind of surprised that Apple would locate here, as in a lot of ways the Meatpacking District (or MePa, if you will) is pretty much yesterday’s trendy Manhattan area. Acres of tourists and bridge-and-tunnel types.

    Oh, I get it. Never mind.

  4. Thorin, get a freaking CLUE!
    You want to say “off-topic” then say “Off-Topic“! Only a sub-human (or teen) would call those groups “snake-oil”. You don’t know about them? You should learn before mouthing off. You don’t respect them? Then you are beyond the reach of shame. You have better uses for your spare CPU cycles? Well, to each their own.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

    MW=boys – as in “boys can be SO immature!

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