Open letter to Apple from a lifelong gamer

Apple Store“There is only one reason I still have a Windows PC: games. Obviously, I need a device for hooking up to the net, answering email, and general productivity… But I prefer that device to be a PC so I can play the latest and greatest cutting-edge games. It’s not that the Mac gaming shelf is devoid of life — any system that plays Civ IV gets a thumbs-up in my book — but for a serious gamer the PC continues to be where it’s at,” Fargo blogs for FirePlanet.

Fargo writes, “This is not a new development. For years I’ve wanted a Mac.”

Fargo writes, “I know it’s humiliating, but for once you’ve got to look at what Microsoft is doing and copy it. Those guys are scared of you — and they know that games are the one and only thing that has prevented you from hitting the Tipping Point years ago. The ‘Games for Windows’ team is making noise at every game convention I go to. A whole division at Microsoft is devoted to developing game technology — like DirectX or the Microsoft XNA developer’s toolkit. Microsoft buys up development studios and publishes triple-A games with regularity. Microsoft knows that games are the key to getting people to adopt hardware: how is Microsoft attacking the American living room? Through a game console. How did they make sure that game console was a household name? They bought Bungie and brought Halo on board. Man, Halo was supposed to be a Mac game.

“They shanked you,” Fargo writes.

“I say, take some of that big money you’re making from iTunes and shovel it into gaming. Don’t go half-assed, Apple. Buy some companies up. Get with the mergering and acquisitioning. Get some exclusive content. Make sure that the next Spore-like event appears on the Mac first,” Fargo writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: We remember sitting in the keynote hall at the Javits Center when Halo was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs (“Halo will be released simultaneously for Mac and Windows”) with a preview trailer at Macworld Expo NYC in 1999. Less than a year later, Microsoft bought Bungie.

Macworld Expo NYC 1999, Steve Jobs shows off Bungie’s Halo:


  1. Apple needs to do so much work in this area, and in 3D too. Studio Max still isn’t written for the Mac, and it keeps many 3D art and game designers I know on Windows. I think Apple knows this, and they have plans for the future of AppleTV and widescreen iPods. It has to happen NOW. Like right now. By this holiday season.

  2. Here’s on Open Letter to the Open Letter Writer:

    Keep your Windows box for games, I don’t want MS to completely disappear (well actually I do, but…), we need them to keep the competition alive until there are many economically viable alternatives.

    Your’s Truely,
    Mr. Peabody
    Inventor and Operator
    of the WayBack Machine

  3. I tried searching but couldn’t find it, but I remember reading something about Steve Jobs not liking violent video games. Perhaps as they’re not intrinsically creative.

    I may’ve just dreamt it of course.

  4. I am in the same position – I switched away from Mac years ago because I like to play games on my computer and I couldn’t afford and did not like having to switch between 2 computers.

    I am “this close” to switching back to Mac now that I can run windows on the same machine, but now my problem is that I can’t get the video card I want in it. Sure – when in Windows, I could install any PCIe video card in the Mac, but then when I switched back to OSX, I would need to remove it. THAT is just not going to happen – the cards were not meant to be installed and removed in that fashion.

    As I see it there are several things Apple needs to do:
    1) Spend some big money on Mac gaming development
    2) Enable Mac users to use any off the shelf video card from ATI or nvidia (This should be a no brainer – in Windows, there are only a few driver versions for each platform [nvidia & ATI] that pretty much allow you to use any video card form those companies. How hard would it be for Apple to offer/create a “unified” driver for nvidia cards and another for ATI cards?)
    3) Update OpenGL to be a true competitor to DirectX or offer another means of getting over the DirectX hurdle.
    4) Do something that would blow us all away – make the Mac OS run windows software natively.

    I will keep my fingers crossed!

  5. @ChrissyOne

    I concur 100%. In fact, I’d go a step further and say I think Apple is already on the late side with this technology, especially with regard to real next-gen iPods. Apple has a lot on it’s plate right now, and it DOES need to get the iPhone and Leopard out the door AND in good order, but the very next thing has got to be new iPods – its got to…

  6. Games are over-rated…

    In over 5 years, the XBox has LOST Microsoft well over $5 billion… If Apple were to do the same thing, they too would be dumping billions into a bottomless and empty well.

    No, Apple should continue to focus on the high end, high margin element of the business.

    Only a Mac can run both Mac OS X and Windows (and uber geeks can play with their linux too)

  7. @ muchmore

    “4) Do something that would blow us all away – make the Mac OS run windows software natively.”

    And here lies the promised land. My biggest hope for ‘top secret features’. [crosses fingers]

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