Four pundits whose thoughts on Apple you should never read

Apple Store“If you are a long-time Apple user then you have probably heard of the four pundits below. They have written reams of bad advice, poor comparisons, unclear analysis, insane predictions, and general crap. But if you are relatively new to the world of Apple then you might mistakenly assume that these guys actually know what they’re talking about. Rest assured, they don’t. This is a simple guide to the four biggest idiots out there writing about all things Apple. They all have different styles, but in the end you can’t really trust any of them. Here they are, in no particular order: the top four pundits you should always ignore,” James R. Stoup writes for Apple Matters.

• John C. Dvorak — Don’t mistake commentary for journalism
• Rob Enderle — Mr. “I-will-say-anything-for-a-quote”
• George Ou — He lost his mind during the wireless-MacBook-hack scandal and never recovered
• Paul Thurrott — Facts are sooooo optional

Full article here.
Add Andrew Kantor to the list, too.

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  1. That was a good article. I’ve known this for quite some time but is it good to see someone summarizing the Fabulous Four all in one place. I bookmarked it, and I’ll be sending it to Business Week, ZDnet (for what good THAT will do), or any other publication that seems clueless.

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