Apple announces Q2 07 financial results conference call webcast

Apple StoreApple has announced the company’s conference call webcast discussing Q2 2007 financial results will begin at 2pm PT/5pm ET on Wednesday, April 25, 2007.

Apple will provide live audio streaming of its Q2 07 Financial Results Conference Call utilizing Apple’s QuickTime multimedia software.

The live audio webcast will be accessible through Apple’s web site:

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Q2 06 earnings info (ended 4/1/06): revenue of $4.36 billion, net quarterly profit of $410 million, 1.112 million Macs, 8.526 million iPods.


  1. Alec,

    Apple’s fiscal quarters trail the calendar quarters by one:

    Apple’s Q1 = 4th calendar quarter (roughly OCT NOV DEC)
    Apple’s Q2 = 1st calendar quarter (roughly JAN FEB MAR)
    Apple’s Q3 = 2nd calendar quarter (roughly APR MAY JUN)
    Apple’s Q4 = 3rd calendar quarter (roughly JUL AUG SEP)

  2. Randian

    “In other news, MicroSoft has announced plans to expand their retail outlet exposure for the Zune, to one million outlets!”

    All new outlets will recieve a Zune for display!

    (more than one way to scin a cat)

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