Apple patent app shows multi-media center interacting with remote control-capable media player

Apple Store“The US Patent and Trademark office today published a patent application from Apple hinting at a significantly more capable multi-media center. The patent is entitled ‘Multi-media center for computing systems,'” LoopRumors reports.

“The system described by the patent involves a module contoller which is central to many devices and software,” LoopRumors reports.

LoopRumors reports, “Apple points that user input may be entered via a remote device, including a ‘media-player with remote control capabilities.’

“The emergence of this patent could indicate possible improvements of the recently released Apple TV, which could include communication with other devices such as the iPod or iPhone, allowing content to be streamed from one of these devices to an Apple media center,” LoopRumors reports.

Full article, with patent app illustrations, here.

MacDailyNews Note: The line in the patent app illustration has arrows at each end which would also mean allowing content to be streamed from an Apple media center to iPod and/or iPhone.


  1. Oh man.

    One of my dream ideas was that iPhone could be used in combination with AppleTV; I’m sitting in my living room, watching my AppleTV, and I decide to check MDN. I pull out my iPhone and presto, I have “mini-Safari” (the iPhone version) running on my TV.

    iPhone and AppleTV are similar in that they both have to deal with the problem of limited screen space (it’s limited on TV by your distance from the screen). TV has the additional problem of lacking sophisticated input; it’s all fine and dandy to run Safari on it, but how will you control it? Not with the Apple Remote, surely. But with iPhone? Oh yes. Please say this will happen.

  2. @ neven

    EXACTLY. =) You’ve got your content with you, and you can view and control it anywhere. My original idea was that TVs would all have docking bay or some such thing, but this is going to be infinitely better.

  3. Has noone realized that the iPhone is the remote control!!!!

    It connects via wireless to computer and apple TV and acts as your remote control with a simple little app.

    It would be THE killer application … and so easy to achieve



  4. I’m a geek, have never flirted.
    Play with Gizmos, have only squirted.
    But with the release of Apple TVs,
    Playing with my remote will surely please.
    No longer having to go it alone
    I now can do it now with my iPhone.

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  5. If this interplay between Apple devices turns out the way we can expect it to, the game of catch-up for mp3 player vendors, phone vendors, and media center vendors will become infinitely more futile.

  6. the iPhone will NOT be a remote; at least, not the *only* remote. So let’s say I buy an iPhone and make it the remote for my home theater system. Then I leave with my iPhone, and my wife wants to watch TV?

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