Some Best Buy stores may feature Apple store-within-a-store boutiques

Apple Store“Electronics retailer Best Buy, which announced Wednesday that it will be expanding its Mac pilot program to about 200 stores, is expected to introduce a radically improved store-within-a-store concept at some locations,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “‘We believe Apple’s store within a store at Best Buy will be much different compared to the current pilot store rollout, which was a table with Apple products on it,’ PiperJaffray Sr. Analyst Gene Munster told clients in a research note Wednesday evening. ‘The difference,’ the analyst added, ‘is we expect some (smaller number) of these 200 stores will have walled-off Apple stores, while others will have improved layouts.'”

Marsal reports, “Best Buy plans to expand its Mac pilot to approximately 200 stores by fall 2007, up from 57 stores today. While that will account for only a 2 percent increase in physical Mac distribution points, Munster said his calculations indicate that the volume of visitors through Best Buy will actually equate to around a 10 percent increase in overall Mac exposure. ‘The relationship is headed in the right direction,’ wrote Munster. ‘Evidently the pilot is succeeding for both parties, which could result in a full expansion to Best Buy’s 822 retail stores.'”

Full article, with photo of Apple’s current “table” display at a Best Buy location, here.

MacDailyNews Note: PiperJaffray maintains an “Outperform” rating with a $124 target on Apple Inc. (AAPL).

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  1. “Since it worked so well for CompUSA.” Actually it did work very well for CompUSA!
    I hate dumass comments like this. Apple Sales were one of the few things that were doing very well for CompUSA! And it was due to the fact that they had Apple employees “ASC’s” in most of them! CompUSA’s reasons for closing were more due to an inability to compete with the BB’s and others on HDTV’s and other HE electronics. Which they’re focusing on heavily in there remaining stores with the $440 million Slim is investing in them.

  2. BB needs to just look inside a Frys Electronics store to see how it’s done.
    Most of our local CompUSAs are closed but BB is right across the street.

    British Hostages are FREE – and BTW, FU Iran.. ! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Wow, brought the new Mac home last. I is easier to use, Yes. As a matter of fact, too easy….

    I wanted to create a few php and html files with the editor. I did, it worked great.

    Now when I try to access the html file, the editor shows it as a webpage. I “opened with” just about everything I could open it with and all I get it a nice formatted page….

    I want to see my code… This is easy enough to do on 99.9% of the computers in the world. But I guess it just doesn’t work on a Mac huh?

  4. Why would BB need to look at how Fry’s does anything? BB is the number one electronics retailer in the country and is turning a profit when most aren’t. And, yes they’ll be staffed with Apple employees! Do you think BB is that dumb?

  5. I think that the Apple store-within-a-store at Best Buy idea will be more akin to what MicroCenter does. That is, they have a separate mini-showroom for Apple’s products that looks more homely than the rest of the store. Not like CompUSA, where the Apple section looks (in terms of shelving and furnishings) just like every other section of the store, with the exception of the Macs that look better than everyone else’s products (which happens to be the MDN Magic Word).

    MW: products. As in, “Microsoft makes third-rate products, while Apple makes world-class products.”

  6. “Now when I try to access the html file, the editor shows it as a webpage. I “opened with” just about everything I could open it with and all I get it a nice formatted page…”

    If you’re using TextEdit just click the “Ignore rich text commands” check box when you’re opening the file.

  7. Jimmy, what makes you think that Micro Center has been so successful? I haven’t seen them expanding to more markets! They do have a nice Apple dept, but they often have people staffing them that don’t know enough about Macs to really be effective and they have such a snooty attitude when a PC customer comes in to ask question. Almost as if a Mac is too good for them! What CompUSA and BB will do is focus on the switcher and actually add to the Mac’s market share! If you’re in a roon and you can’t leave it. Then you’re not going to be effective talking to PC users about why the Mac is a better way! With the BB plan and CompUSA’s it was very easy to approach a PC user and say “let me show you something better”

  8. Leader – I am glad you had such a positive experience with the Apple stores within the CompUSAs you visited. I wish I could have received the same service with mine. However, that was not the case, and a Google search proves that a lot of people shared my impressions rather than yours. It would not surprise me that management’s ability to run a top-flight Apple department varied widelyfrom one CompUSA to another. Believe me, as someone who cared about Macs, if you had visited the CompUSAs where I live (the Boston area), you would not have gone back a second time.

    Also, in your reply to Jimmy, I believe you neglected to call him a dumbass. I am sure you will rectify this oversight soon enough.

  9. Apple needs all of the exposure they can get, especially now that CompUSA is on the way out. Not every city can have an Apple Store, so Best Buy is probably the next best thing since they are virtually everywhere.

    And for those of you that hate Best Buy, simply don’t shop there then. I don’t know why you would even care about this since you can still get your Apple stuff other places.

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