Jim Cramer: Michael Dell is no Steve Jobs

Apple Store“The return of Michael Dell to his namesake company can’t be compared to Steve Jobs’ return to Apple, Jim Cramer said on TheStreet.com TV’s Wall Street Confidential Web video Friday,” TheStreet.com reports.

“‘Jobs is a creative force,’ he told Gregg Greenberg, the host of Wall St. Confidential. ‘Dell is an efficiency of time and implementation and equipment force — an operations guy.’ Cramer said he fails to see how Dell is going to be able to maintain margins, especially with increased competition from Acer and Lenovo, two growing names in the PC market,” TheStreet.com reports.

“‘I have not been on the bandwagon that you have to buy Dell now that Michael Dell is back,’ he said. ‘And I was on the bandwagon that you have to buy Apple because Apple is a fashion play and you are able to charge a lot of money if you have a fashionable product,'” TheStreet.com reports.

“Although some might consider fashion to be ‘faddish,’ it is not so in Apple’s case, Cramer continued. And for those who believe the looks of a product don’t matter in technology, he pointed out Microsoft’s Zune, which has not been competing well against the iPod and which Cramer called ‘really ugly,'” TheStreet.com reports.

Full article, with link the Web video of Jim Cramer on TheStreet.com TV’s Wall Street Confidential, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mentioning Michael Dell in the same breath as Steve Jobs is like mentioning Alex Michael Renfrotain in the same breath as Leonardo da Vinci. Who’s Alex Michael Renfrotain, you ask? Exactly.

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