Apple iJet: If Apple built private jets

Apple Store“Over the past year, we’ve compared jet card programs, reviewed specific planes, and even calculated the cost to fly carbon neutral. Today, we thought we’d have some fun and dream up a hypothetical new aircraft,” Jamie Cheng writes for Helium Report.

Cheng writes, “We’re Mac users here at Helium Report and believe that a big part of Apple’s success is their attention to detail, their focus on quality, and their design aesthetic. Wouldn’t it be cool, we thought, to imagine what a plane would look like if it was designed by Apple. Of course, it’d be called the ‘iJet.'”

“Although Apple has had tremendous success using a cube shape for its computers (and its stores), the Borg are the only ones who’ve had any luck building cube-shaped vehicles. Apple would naturally use a more sleek shape for the iJet,” Cheng writes.

Cheng writes, “Without a doubt, iJet’s avionics would run a custom version of OS X. It would do for the iJet what it’s done for the iPhone and apple tv – perfect, purpose-driven functionality. It might be called Jet OS X, or maybe ‘Flying Leopard 10.5.'”

A little Friday fun, full article with “iJet” images, here.


  1. To control the experience Apple would built the iJet and run the airline flying it. What, like they are going to sell versions to Southwest or United? Please.

    They’d need newly revamped terminals at airports as well.

  2. The scary thing about this is MS would try and copy the iJet and 5 years later would release JetCenterPU. The JetCenterPU would bring new horror to computer crash (and blue screen of death).
    Oh and in order to shut down a “non responding” flight controller in the JetCenterPU and prevent the literal BSOD, the Pilot would have to (while simultenously stepping on a pedal tucked beneath the seat, pressing a button on the control panel) toggle a switch located on the back of the co-pilots seat. If that doesn’t work, he would have to turn off the plane, and hope it restarts in time.

  3. “Apple’s success is their attention to detail, their focus on quality, and their design aesthetic.”

    Amazes me how people leave out the concept of usability when describing Apple’s skill at creating products. Usability is part of design, and this is both why Apple succeeds and their competitors fail. Apple gets it, the others don’t even recognize what ‘it’ is.

    Oh yeah, and it would be flown with a click wheel with one button in the center.

  4. iJet? Too old school for Apple.

    Apple would probably skip the ‘Aero’ route (leave that to Microsoft to poorly copy – hell, they’d probably base their iJet on a Galaxy C-5) and just go for ‘iBeam’ site-to-site matter transporters (á la Star Trek).

  5. He missed a few things.

    The iJet would run very hot, probably incinerating nearby birds or structures.

    Most of them would run very well, but some would develop mysterious cracks and discoloration. These would be merely cosmetic according to Apple.

    The fueling connection would be proprietary, and would occasionally spew fuel everywhere. Most times it would not barbeque the plane and passengers. These would only be isolated incidents.

    The controls, although state-of-the-art, would occasionally be taken over by a giant spinning beach-ball.

    Add your own…

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