Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard to feature ZFS?

Apple Store“Over the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of talk about bringing ZFS, Sun’s open source high-performance file system, to Mac OS X. Our man Siracusa first pointed out a message from an Apple developer last year expressing a desire to work on porting the file system to Apple’s OS, and talked more about its possible ties (or lack thereof) to Time Machine not long after. Even more recently, ZFS became accessible under OS X thanks to the MacFUSE project. Still, there’s been little word on the state of ZFS for OS X recently,” Erik Kennedy reports for Ars Technica.

“Now, it looks as though the port is not just wishful thinking, but an active project,” Kennedy reports.

Full article here.

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  1. ZFS is Much better than HFS…in fact it’s 18 times better! though it’s only slightly better than YFS which came out right after XFS. The greatest thing about ZFS is that it will always be the best EVER. there is no way to improve upon it…it’s impossible! well, i guess there might be a ΩFS someday? ah well…

  2. @Notorious Dreamer, et al.

    “What it means is that you will soon be able to run Windows apps on your Mac…under Zee Frackin’ Sea. That’s right: underwater.”

    In a way, you are right. you could run a computer with a ZFS file system under the sea because if you were to fill the file system to capacity, it would vaporize any water surrounding it.

    If you want some real geek reading, check this out:

    MW: “elements”

  3. Honestly,

    Why are there so many idiots that post asinine questions like “what does this post mean?”, “Will someone explain this to me?”, etc.

    How the hell do people like that make it past 5th grade?

    To those idiots who ask such asinine questions, here is my answer: You’re on the goddamn web! Ever heard of Google? Go look it up yourself and try to use your feeble little brains to comprehend, and stop asking the world to spoon feed everything to you!!!

    Braindead idiots piss me off.

  4. Apple(?)Man (MDN’s site shows the Apple symbol as a square for some reason),

    I gotta admit that I have done that sometimes. For me, I’m at work and busy and don’t have the time to look something up, but I do have the time to type a few lines on MDN. So I do.

    It’s not that bad, AppleMan, just ignore the post or, even better, answer it – help out a fellow Mac user.

  5. Ok – in an Apple briefing I attended the question of ZFS was explored extensively, especially because of the relevance to TIme Machine (the management of a storage resource at both the input to and output from TIme Machine). The Apple guys were quite explicit about the fact that ZFS will be highly supported in the future, but not yet – they speculated (strictly off the record) that 10.5.3ish would see greater ZFS integration starting to take place, but definitely not 10.5.

  6. > allows you to just add disks to your system and the single filesystem that you keep everything in would just appear to get bigger.

    Now, that is pretty “magical.” If Leopard had it, even on its non-boot disk storage drives, that would be a major advantage for power users.

  7. It’s much more than just allowing several disks to look like one.

    It automatically backs data up as well, and repairs loss, and faults in the system. It’s one of tbe more reliable file systems around.

    While nothing is bulletproof, this is pretty close.

  8. Cubert: MDN’s site shows the Apple symbol as a square for some reason

    Yes, the  is an Apple, but it’s not MDN that is rendering it as a square…

    1: Only Mac’s can see the  (Windows users can’t play).

    2: Only IE and Gecko browsers can’t see the 

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    If you are using any of the over 100 (no, that’s NOT*) other browsers for Mac, you’re mileage may vary.

    * Extensive, detailed, regularly updated list of over 100 browsers for Mac:

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