Should Apple buy Neokast?

Apple Store“As I predicted here last week, Neokast was the hit of the Video on the Net conference in San Jose. The prospect of high-quality streaming (not downloading) with almost no bandwidth cost whatsoever and no YouTube ads, either, was compelling to a broad spectrum of conference attendees,” Robert X. Cringely writes for

Neokast is the next generation media distribution network on the Internet offering a fully automated, deployable, user-generated, real-time streaming broadcast platform. Through its unrivalled capacity to cheaply and easily broadcast live media content in HD quality, Neokast will be the most powerful video distribution service ever offered. Neokast gives anybody the opportunity to become a professional content provider by streaming continuous live videos to an unlimited number of viewers, free of charge.

Cringely explains more about what Neokast does and writes, “The other interesting news this week is the Apple TV started shipping and — guess what? — IT KINDA SUPPORTS HDTV! Other than movie trailers, of course, Apple has no HD content, but we can all bet that will shortly change… Steve Jobs said that 2005 would be the ‘year of HD,’ but I think it is much more likely to be 2007 and the Apple TV will be the spoiler of many a Blu-ray or HD DVD sale because Apple TV is cheaper and easier, has no expensive consumable media, and HD movies will probably cost a little less to buy through iTunes than at Target.”

“The chance to grab market leadership happens when hardware standards are in transition, so in a sense Apple couldn’t have introduced the Apple TV any earlier than now, when HD video players are finally reaching the market in real numbers,” Cringely writes, “But if you think Neokast will steal Apple’s thunder, probably not. I can’t imagine Neokast will remain independent for more than another six months. And if Apple has a lick of sense, they’ll be the ones to buy it.”

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  1. Two items to note:

    1. Cringely often makes convincing-sounding but utterly inaccurate and boneheaded predictions

    2. Apple rarely buys other companies. They prefer to develop moneymakers in-house

    That’s not to say Cringely could not be right. But given his abysmal track record, I strongly doubt it. Frankly, if I see one more “Apple should do this”, or “Apple should buy that” headline, I’ll hurl chunks.

  2. For years now I’ve been hearing “Apple should/is-going-to buy x company” and every single time it’s been wrong.

    The real company buys that Apple does are usually followed by “Why did Apple buy x?” articles..

  3. As long as the app they use isnt based on Real Player
    or that Win Crap media … I guess it might be cool
    for Apple to buy them …

    The question is …

    will they ?

    MW = “far” …. could be far in the future ..

  4. What Apple buys

    Apple buys small ‘REALLY FREAKING COOL’ companies with ‘MUST HAVE COOL’ things.

    The iPod was developed by a engineer and brought to Apple

    iTunes visuals, yep another small company.

    CoverFlow – ditto.

    So if your small, got something REALLY COOL that could enhance Apple’s “COOL” image. Your odds are good. Especially if Apple can make it appear that your product came from them orignally.

    If your big, well known and/or expensive or want too much as far as your royalty cut, forget it. If your connected with anything located in Redmond Washington, forget it.

    You have to be California “cool”. Show up in your Hawaiian shirt and shorts, flip-flops and pair of cheap sunglasses to Cupertino HQ and the game is yours.

    Trust me, they will be drooling over you.

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