Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 prices revealed

Apple Store“Sources have informed Think Secret of Adobe’s U.S. pricing plan for its highly anticipated Creative Suite 3 ahead of the company’s Tuesday announcement,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “Adobe plans to offer six bundles with various Creative Suite 3 applications: CS3 Web Standard, CS3 Web Premium, CS3 Design Standard, CS3 Design Premium, CS3 Production Premium, and the CS3 Master Collection.”

“The least expensive of the six will be the CS3 Web Standard bundle, which will retail for $999 and includes Flash CS3 Professional, Dreamweaver CS3, Fireworks CS3, and Contribute CS3,” Katz reports.

“Pricing for stand-alone CS3 applications remains largely unchanged from CS2 and previous versions, with the exception of Illustrator CS3 which sees a $100 increase to $599. Photoshop CS3 Standard will retail for the same $649 price as CS2, while Photoshop CS3 Extended will cost $999,” Katz reports. “Adobe will start accepting pre-orders for Creative Suite 3 products this week.”

More info on pricing, app bundles, and more in the full article here.

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  1. Those new logos suck!

    What happened to the feather/butterfly/flower motif from last time? Those were great. (Not to mention the old-school versions with the Botticelli Venus for Illustrator and the eye closeup for Photoshop.)

  2. This pricing scheme makes Vista’s look tame!

    Apple needs to give Adobe a run for its money in the creative realm. Slow updates, minimal changes to what the SW has done over the past 4 years, over-priced for the changes they deliver, and Quark-like in their responce and servicing of customers…

    With Studio’s abounding in Apple Stores, Apple is becoming the front-line of support for Adobe’s applications. “Thanks for the free support Apple.”

    Timing is perfect for Apple to bring it’s own creative software to the table:

    – Better pricing
    – Same abilities (with unique tools ta boot)
    – Grade-A support online, phone and in-stores.

  3. Damn Adobe. I feel that Photoshop CS3 extended is some BS. Of course, every freakn’ video editor I work with will own it, and I’ll be “required to upgrade”. Instead of a $199 to $299 upgrade, it’ll be $500. Just a way to increase the revenue stream…

  4. as usual thats such a ripoff. they get away with it because theirs no bloody competition. i just hope they dont feel so BLOATED as the last few versions have been.
    photoshop cs3 beta is better speed wise, but really, do they think to innovate? they really remind me of microsoft these days, and i dont like to say it because adobe at one stage were a really good company.
    i mean when was the last time you were blown away by a new release from adobe? its always very ho hum, new logo, new box…same sh*t.

  5. Ahoy Comrades,

    Tis’ time to get to work! For a fortune awaits us in the land of Adobe. Quick! get the supplies. A carton of blank discs and a bottle of rum.

    When would these companies ever learn?

  6. “The last two collections of applications, CS3 Production Premium and the CS3 Master Collection, will be of less interest to Mac users, as some of the bundled titles only run on Windows. “

    Repeat: some will Only run on Windows…

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