Apple to delay Leopard?’s poor Apple rumor accuracy

“The latest rumor has hit the Mac web again. The claim this time is that Apple is delaying Mac OS X Leopard until October 2007,” MacRumors’ Arnold Kim blogs for Normalkid.

Kim looks at five years of Digitimes rumors reported on MacRumors over the past 5 years along with their outcomes and finds: “14 rumors total. 1 True. 10 Wrong. 2 Possible. 1 Unknown.”

Kim concludes, “I’ll leave it to the reader to decide how likely it is that this latest rumor will come true.”

Full article here.

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  1. A Leopard delay until October would be a huge PR disaster. It would turn Leopard into LONGHORN on a dime and make Apple look foolish, and all because it wants WINDOWS to run differently in BootCamp. NOT!!!

  2. like i said, if iwork ’07 is so dependent on leopard features (were it not, probably would have been released already, right), why would apple delay an operating system on which a product dependent that apple is consistant on updating. i know it’s confusing, but think about it.

  3. …hard to imagine Apple delaying OSX.5 beyond the back to school buying season ……once I got delayed so long I was beside myself …then after a second delay ….I became beside my second self … that point it gets difficult to keep things straight. I think is probably at the point of being beside their second selves …you can’t think in a straight line ….you can’t think in a crooked line … just start publishing shit on the internet.

  4. analyssssssssssssssssts want a buying opportunity before the iPhone–Leopard–iTV critical mass conflux… The MS beast is truly afraid…

    MW: “range” as in–Bill Gates just hired a hit man.

  5. > like i said, if iwork ’07…

    Who ever said iWork (and iLife) would be updated every year? For all we know, it could be released in the second half of the year and be called iWork (and iLife) ’08. Or it could be released with regular version numbers, which I would prefer.

    At this point, June at WWDC seems most likely. Besides, many of the session at the WWDC are about working with Leopard. How is Apple going to do that, if Leopard is not shipping until October?

  6. Well…it seems the tables have turned Mac fanboys! I guess now that its been shown that Mac OS is just as suspepable to viruses as Windows, apple needs to spend a few extra months trying to think on what they is going to do! i thought so! plus, you still can’t use Macintoshes for gaming machines!

  7. Major FUD alert!! LOL
    I can under stand a June delivery. I would really hate it cause I need to upgrade 3 systems and it would be nice if I can do it for one price (I need to know if the 900 mhz iBook can be upgraded to 10.5 also.).

    And June is still officially spring, but just barely and the iPhone connection must be considered. But October, come one, how about Dec, or next year???

    Hey, what do you think this is, MicroLate. ??? LOL

  8. I’m not sure what the point of deadlines in a thing like making a program. Me, I’d rather have apple 100% happy and confident in the program they release. That they would feel pressured by marketing or competition to release a mostly ok system is nuts!

    If they feel the need to meet a spring release, then sell all new coomputers from that point with a free-system10.5 coupon.

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