Top ten reasons you don’t need Apple TV (yet)

Apple Store“Apple [has] officially kicked off its Apple TV publicity campaign, providing review hardware to friendly members of the press and enabling selected journalists to publish early reviews. The goal: to try and build enough positive buzz to sustain the newest member of the Apple family despite some mainstream skepticism about its prospects for success.
To provide a bit of balance for all the hype you’re likely to hear over the next several days, we bring you this: a list of the top ten reasons you might not need Apple TV, at least yet,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for iLounge. “Some are obvious, others aren’t, and all are counterpointed to present both sides of the debate. We’ll leave it for you to decide which side you’re on: will you line up for Apple TV, or sit this one out?”

Horwitz’s Top Ten Reasons You Don’t Need Apple TV (Yet):
(10) You have a fifth-generation iPod with video and a $20 bill in your pocket
(9) You don’t have a high-definition TV, or don’t use one as your primary set
(8) You have a large movie collection that isn’t in one of Apple TV’s two supported formats
(7) The iTunes Store doesn’t sell movies or TV shows in your country, or there’s nothing you want to buy
(6) You want to protest Apple’s pricing and bundling policies
(5) Apple TV doesn’t have a DVR – or you already have one
(4) It doesn’t have a DVD or other hi-def disc player
(3) You’re budgeting for another Apple purchase, like a Mac mini
(2) You want to hold out for a version with higher resolution or more hard disk space
(1) You want to wait until the reality distortion field dies down

Horwitz discusses each of the ten points above in greater detail in the full article here.

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  1. “(1) You want to wait until the reality distortion field dies down”

    WTF does that mean? The product specs will be the same next week or next month as they are today. Wait til it ‘dies down’ WTF!

    Sounds to me like he just needed a 10th reason and just pulled this outta …

  2. Most of those reasons could be used in respect of any purchase. Unless a person has unlimited disposable income they always have to weigh up the cost of a purchase against what it actually does, how much they want it and so on. It’s nothing unusual.

  3. I’m covered by:
    #9, I don’t have a hi-def TV.
    #8 I have a huge pr0n collection that isn’t in the prescribed formats. Granted I’ve used QuickTime pro to save my WMVs and AVIs as MOVs so I can bring ’em into iTunes, but if I can use tv to play ’em in my bedroom the tv is kinda useless.

  4. Something I don’t see pepole talking about is that there are companies who charge tens of thousands of dollars to set up this kind of technology … I know because I work on many of them here in NYC.

    Apple TV is just the first step.

    If you look at Apple Products as a whole. I can now sell an Apple solution to my customers. ( who have a flat panel tv in every room ) They buy a dozen of these boxes at a time.

    Instead of a 50,000 dollar set up Apple Just gavethem a solution that is more elegant for 1/20th the cost.

    People this has just started. I think you have to ask yourself … does this solution have a place in the market as is today. From someone who makes a living at this … Apple TV is a great product TODAY.

  5. My only issue with Apple TV that keeps me from buying one is the quality of the material available. Why would you want to watch 640×480 video from the iTunes Store on a 720p widescreen HDTV?

    If they’re going to require a widescreen HDTV in order to even connect an Apple TV, then they need to have 720p HD material available to watch on it as well.

  6. I have a huge beutiful HD set, but I am still trying to think of why I’d want an Apple TV right now. And I buy almost EVERYTHING Apple.

    I have a PowerBook that, when I come home, I put on my TV cabinet and plug in the DVI cable to my TV, leaving it shut. That’s all I do. I then use my Apple bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mighty mouse from my couch if I want to watch anything I can watch on my laptop, see any pictures, listen to any music, or do all the number of things I do on my laptop.

    Now, I know a lot of people do not own PowerBooks, but for all those who do, what does AppleTV add to this scenario?

    Now, if it had DVR capabilities that’d be an entirely different story, since right now I gave up on Tivo (too expensive for Series 3 and it lacks the ability to port over to my Mac, iPod, etc). I’d love to ditch the Cable Box / HD DVR I am using for something more Apple, but that is some other imaginary product.

  7. The reasons are generic and don’t apply. Of course if the Apple TV doesn’t fit your needs then don’t buy it. Common sense should prevail. His reasons are generic and stupid and really don’t amount to anything.

  8. While I don’t agree with all the reasons, I am not going to buy one yet but I am pretty sure that I will have one in my home in 2008. When Apple adds the ability to stream directly off the internet and YouTube, makes it possible to directly buy from iTunes, and makes use of that USB port (Can you say EyeTV?), then it will be huge. All of this can be done in software. With regard to larger hard disks, well that isn’t necessary if you keep Apples digital hub metaphor in mind – you store everything on your computer and wirelessly stream it through the house. Larger formats – needed. A new flat panel HD TV for my bedroom – needed!

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