Microsoft paints Zune pink in desperate bid to increase anemic sales

“It’s become standard practice in the consumer electronics industry: When it doubt, paint it pink. But strategies like that usually work best when a color is still hot, or at least lukewarm,” Crave @ CNET reports.

“Perhaps that explains why Microsoft–rarely accused of setting trends these days–is coming out with a pink Zune now. Cliczune says has confirmed that the pastel version of the media player will be available May 1 for $250 with the standard 30GB storage capacity,” Crave reports.

Full article here.

In related news, Microsoft has missed a promised Zune firmware update, disappointing all three Zune owning fools, which includes the brainwashed Ballmer kids. Imagine that for a dad… At least he’s useful in power outages, when tuition time rolls around, and for keeping the doughnuts from ever going stale.

Anyway, Elizabeth Montalbano reports for PC Advisor (here’s some actual worthwhile PC advice: “Get a Mac“) that, “Zune users in the US who were waiting for an important firmware update from Microsoft were disappointed on Tuesday when the company didn’t deliver on schedule. Microsoft had said it would release an update on 20 March that would correct a problem that caused songs purchased on the Zune Marketplace to skip when users would first play them…. Users also reported having problems synching their Zunes with their PCs and were hoping the update will correct this, too.”

MacDailyNews Take: We imagine that if you’re challenged enough to buy a Zune in the first place, then you’re certainly predisposed to be disappointed when Microsoft fails to deliver their spaghettiware when promised.

Full article here.

Also in related news, Metroxing reported just this past Monday, “ has looked at the NPD numbers for January 2007 and extrapolated Zune sales to be about 29,000 units … From Microsoft’s Press Release just prior to the Zune going on sale: Retailing for $249.99, the Zune device will be available at nearly 30,000 U.S. retailers tomorrow. So, in essence, Microsoft managed to sell ONE Zune for each store.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They could paint the pieces of crap with 24-karat gold and still nobody with an IQ over 70 would buy them.

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  1. Just posted in another thread:

    Speaking of Zune displays, my local Staples just took down the end-of-aisle Zune display today. Virtually none of the Zune accessories on display seem to have moved, they were lined up so neatly. What a boondoggle!

    I think the beginning of the end for the Zune is nigh.

  2. lol thats funny cuz I still would never buy it. You know its funny I work at EB Games and we have only sold one Zune since its release, and when we sold it the person returned it to the store within 10 min of purchasing it.

  3. People do not buy music players because of the case color. Apple makes products that people want to buy, and THEN gives them a choice of color. Microsoft should try making a Zune that doesn’t suck. Then, adding a color choice would actually be appreciated, not ridiculed.

  4. I was at an FYE when I noticed their Zune display. I asked if they had sold any (not ‘many’) and as they do at Best Buy and a few other places, the guy’s voice goes to a higher pitch ‘yeah, we’ve been selling a few’ so as to not sound like they know it is a piece of shit by saying ‘no’

    Then when I say ‘really?’ the other kid working there pulls one out of his pocket and shows it to me, wants me to hold it, and watch the videos. I tell him that’s ok, I just bought a 30gig iPod for my son and had looked at them then. (only because they were right next to the iPods at Best Buy).

    Then I ask him what stuff he has bought to go with it, and he starts to look pitiful (I wasn’t trying to embarrass him, I was wondering) and he tells me of all the things he’s HEARD they are coming out with, and then he tells me the kicker-that with a Zune, you don’t have to buy everything from iTunes, you can put your own CDs on it. The other kid looks at him, and says, ‘you can do that with an iPod, too’.

    Well, thet was it. I was through paying for my CD (History:America’s Greatest Hits) and I had to get out because he looked like he was gonna cry. Reminded me of when I bought my $800.00 Sony Beta HiFi (at least it still works, and is good for something).


  5. I was just in EBGames today. Looked at their Zune display. There was a substantial coating of dust on the three Zunes that have been there forever.

    You know, it’s just not as fun to bash Microsoft anymore. It’s kind of pathetic. It’s like I feel guilty laughing at them now.

  6. Zunes will soon become a source (on eBay) for replacement hard drives for 5G iPods. Too bad they have the newer ZIF connectors, so we can’t use them to upgrade older iPods.

    At these Zunes will ultimately be good for something.

  7. Black Zune is #18 on Amazon for DAP, surpassed by
    13 iPod models, including all colors of the iPod Shuffle,
    3 models of 5.5G iPod
    5 models of iPod Nano

    MW: types, as in all types of iPod are outselling the ZÚ∏∑.

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