Koloroo debuts Widgets for Apple iPod

Koloroo today announced the release of the first widgets that run on any iPod with a color screen. TipKalc is an easy-to-use tip calculator with instant check-splitter and KolorWheel is a color utility that provides scientifically formulated color schemes to match a web page, home decor, shirt or outfit … in fact, just about anything. Both widgets can be loaded onto an iPod from either a PC or Mac and are available at an introductory download price of only $4.99 and $7.99 respectively.

TipKalc is easy to use. Just spin your iPod’s Click Wheel until your bill amount is displayed in the center of the screen. Everything else is automatically calculated for you. It calculates recommended 15% and 20% tip amounts, grand totals, and even splits the check up to five ways.

Using KolorWheel is just as easy. You select a base color by moving your thumb over the iPod Click Wheel. A suggested color scheme is automatically displayed in the four corners. If you prefer to match your base color to a particular object, you hold your iPod next to it. Again, a suggested color scheme will be automatically displayed in the corners.

More info: http://www.koloroo.com/


  1. Tip calculator: Your brain, use it or lose it.

    1: Round to nearest dollar.

    2: Double it.

    3: Move decimal place to the left one time.

    4: Round again to nearest dollar.

    Piece of cake.

    I eat out just about every night using this method, I have not a problem. Waitstaff don’t like small change (coins) anyway.

    And they certainly don’t like foreigners who don’t tip or just leave a dollar on a high bill.

  2. “You’ll look like a cheapskate or a dunce pulling out your calculator/iPod to figure a tip in a resturant.”

    True for a calculator. But isn’t this the beauty of it? You whip out your iPod, and nobody knows whether you’re checking your next appointment, the number of someone you have call, the address of the next place you have to be, a picture of your sweetie or just some tunes for the trip home. Nobody guesses that you’re actually too drunk to figure out how to split the check and add the tip…

  3. I agree this is a good sign of things to come. Next stop–iPhone. So much for no “third pary apps.” There will be tons of widgets available for the iPhone at some point, making it incredibly useful and changing the game in the cell phone industry.

    Self proclaimed “analyst”

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