Apple TV unboxing photos, interface video

“Packaging is one of the only things about the Apple TV that we haven’t seen already. I was lucky enough to get one early. Biggest surprise? No cables in the box,” Noah Robischon writes for Gizmodo.

Apple TV unboxing photos here.

57 photos of the Apple TV hardware, menus, and unboxing here.

Tour of Apple TV (3:58):

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. My HDTV wants HD content. Current content available for AppleTV from the iTunes Store is sub dvd video quality and dolby surround (aka matrix). When HD content becomes available for purchase from the iTunes Store, that is when I will bite. As it is now, it is a waste of money. I love Apple but if you want to sell hardware you have to have software that complements the device.

  2. Well it sure is great to know what the box it comes in looks like. Very very useful.

    Anyone want me to post pics of the box that my laundry detergent comes in? There’s a really cool little tab on the box, near the top, that seems to go most of the way around the box, that you just pull and somehow that makes the top become removable. Actually it is not completely removable but rather the top of the box is as if it were attached with a hinge. I think you would really be impressed to see it!

  3. Not only are movies sub DVD quality with low quality sound — not friendly for my HD display — but they are not even 16:9 anamorphic but 4:3 letterbox.

    Apple, love yah but… bring on the 720p content, or at the very least DVD quality (pixel resolution, audio, anamorphic) before I’ll even consider buying movies/television.

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