Three more reasons why Apple should buy Miglia

Apple Store“I speculated last week that Apple may buy Miglia to add DVR capabilities to its Apple TV set-top box,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

Howe writes, “Yes, the Miglia TVMini HD+ makes a killer add-on to the Apple TV, but today, I realized that there are three more reasons why Apple should be buying the company or at least reselling their TVMini product:”

• Miglia TVMini HD+ is a USB 2.0 device. It would be the perfect device to add HDTV to any iMac and turn it into the best small HDTV on the market.

• Miglia’s add-on HDTV recording solution means that one iMac design could support US, European, and Asian TV standards.

• HDTV content providers would suddenly have huge incentives to sign up with Apple’s iTunes Store.

Howe writes, “Apple TV buyers have just received notices that their boxes are shipping, meaning that they’ll get opportunities to see what works in their USB ports in just a few days.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Do these people that come up with this lame stuff ever do any actual practical thinking?!?

    Why would Apple want Miglia’s DVR capability? Doing that would put the Apple TV in direct competition with the iTunes Store. That makes absolutely no sense whatsover. Get some common sense please…

  2. Analysts, journalists and some Mac fans just don’t get it…..

    Apple will NEVER and I repeat, NEVER include dvr functionality in a Mac or any other device for one simple reason:

    Apple is in the business of SELLING CONTENT, which in turn helps Apple sells hardware devices like iPods and Apple tv’s that will play that content. Including a dvr in any Mac would kill the content distribution business know as the iTunes Store and Apple’s vision of a content on demand future.

    Forget about a dvr from Apple, it ain’t gonna happen, NEVER!

  3. If Apple only wanted to sell their own content they would have locked iTunes from importing CD-ROM music, music videos from enhanced CDs or home movies & photos.

    I support the possible purchase to make a complete solution in case I want to channel surf. How else am I going to find new TV series I may later want to purchase.

  4. @tre
    yes Apple sells content, but they don’t make much money doing it. They sell content to make their hardware more attractive. That’s were the money is.
    Any UBS stick tuner adds TVR functionality to a Mac. If Steve thinks he can make a better USB tuner and earn money selling it, he’ll do it in a heart beat.

  5. Nothing is going to work in the USB port until apple says it will. Why do people think that they’ll be able to plug all kinds of USB devices into AppleTV once they get it on Thursday. If you could use those for something now, don’t you think Apple would have advertised it. Future, as in for future use.

    – DT

  6. Apple is not in the “Business of selling content.” The are only selling content because it is the only way that Macs will have a part in internet distribution. If the record companies would release their music DRM free Apple wouldn’t have to have a music store anymore because Microsoft would not be able to lock them out via PlaysLikeCRAP or what ever they call it these days.

    MDN word: “Into”; as in: “Apple is INTO selling hardware, not spending countless millions of dollars trying to keep a foot ahead of hackers and crackers.”

  7. My comments as posted on the orignal article:

    “A dvr in a Mac or any other Apple device will NEVER happen.. Apple tv coupled with the iTunes store is a new form of distribution and part of Apples bigger plan to be the premier provider for a content on demand future..

    Apples business model is to SELL content through the iTunes store which in turn helps them to sell playback devices like iPods and Apple TV’s. It would make no sense at all for Apple to include dvr functionality in one of its products which will record for free the same content they want you to buy.

    People have misconceptions and grandiose visions about what Apple Tv is and/or should be, but one thing is for sure, it will not ever be a recording device and or a dvd player.. The future is content on demand, dvd’s will be extinct as well as broadcast television. This may take years to happen, but Apple is getting us used to the idea of paying for the programming that we want.. It’s what Microsoft, cable companies and most consumers don’t yet understand, but they will soon enough.. Apple tv is just Steve Jobs thinking different….”

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