“Financial experts at UBS Investment Research say they believe Apple Inc. is developing a ‘mega-platform’ based around its recently introduced multi-touch display technology that will facilitate broad growth opportunities through an assortment of future products,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

Lane reports, “In a research note issued Tuesday, analyst Ben Reitzes encouraged his clients to look past the minute details of the initial iPhone and focus on the power that lies in the ‘unannounced’ multi-touch ecosystem that will eventually find its way into several products across the company’s product portfolio. ‘We believe this ‘Mega-Platform’ could help Apple become an ‘open-ended’ growth story once again with a logical chronology of new products for years to come,’ the analyst wrote.”

“The UBS analyst said he expects the new platform to become prevalent in each of the consumer electronics maker’s major hardware products within 3-5 years, possibly sparking touchscreen Macs later this holiday season or sometime in 2008. Among his expectations are touch-screen iMacs, as well as ‘tablet-like’ notebook devices that provide basic computing without the need for a keyboard or stylus if the user desires to keep the device closed,” Lane reports.

More in the full article here.

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