Thank Jobs Apple picked Intel over AMD!

“The high-flying Advanced Micro Devices Inc. of 2006 has given way to a company in financial peril, saddled with debt and bleeding from a brutal price battle with its larger and suddenly resurgent Silicon Valley archrival, Intel Corp,” Jordan Robertson reports for The Associated Press.

Robertson reports, “AMD finds itself the subject of rumors of a possible takeover or private-equity cash infusion.”

AMD “shares have plunged more than 60 percent over the past year on fears about the company’s ability to continue gaining share without hurting profit margins,” Robertson reports.

Robertson reports, “Analysts are not optimistic about a quick turnaround for AMD… ‘Our view is that this will get worse before it gets better,’ said Christopher Caso, a senior analyst with Friedman Billings Ramsey. ‘This quarter’s performance is evidence that it did get worse.'”

“Intel pull[ed] ahead of AMD by at least a year in producing chips based on 65-nanometer and 45-nanometer technology, which shrinks chip circuitry to 65- and 45-billionths of a meter. The smaller scale allows more transistors to be crammed onto the same piece of silicon,” Robertson reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

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  1. Steve Jobs definitely knows what he’s doing, and he knew what Intel was doing. The doubters were wrong once again. But hopefully, AMD will get back on track and give Intel some serious competition. They are both good companies who have their ups and downs, just like all of us. We need them both.

  2. Well the truth of the matter is… that Apple HAD to pick Intel because of the DRM schemes Intel created and Hollywood approved.

    If Apple went with AMD they would have been playing catch up forever. Not to mention being always under supplied. Not good for expanding market share.

    Apples war has never really been against processor families, sure it took advantage of the processor wars between IBM and Intel to sell more hardware. To those mass buyers who would strip off Mac OS and run Linux or something they brewed themselves.

    Apple’s war is for the consumer computing market and against Windows. It always has been.

  3. Apple + Intel was a match made in Armonk. Intel was left jilted by Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft for the game market who switched for G5-based processors (cell, in Sony’s case.) And IBM was suddenly less responsive to Apple’s processor design needs, what with these new players visiting it’s shiny chip squirting-waffle-stomping facilites. And Dell goes all AMD on Intel’s ass, with no one willing to create a wintel-clone of Apple’s Mac mini even though Intel prototyped the thing and was willing to show them how…. This is all documented history. ’nuff said.

  4. Intel sucked AMD into a price war through the systematic use of secret rebates, special discounts, and threats to the PC manufacturers who were playing both sides against the middle because they were benefiting from the war.

    The fact is AMD got started in the processor business in 1975 by stealing (reverse engineered) intellectual property belonging to Intel and then withstood a pounding in the courts and emerged victorious.

    Ever since then, Intel has done everything it could, legal or otherwise, to destroy AMD and haven’t bothered to hide their deceit, an all to familiar pattern of the rich and powerful.

    Now that AMD stands on the precipice of financial ruin it is relying on the courts once again to bail them out and unfortunately you can’t resuscitate someone who is already dead.

    Hector Ruiz and Dirk Meyer are running AMD into the ground and I have no doubt that a five minute conversation would reveal their business philosophy is as shallow as the grave the PC industry is digging for them.

    Imagine, spending billions for ATI at a time when you’re hemorrhaging money and whose acquisition won’t bear fruit for years to come. That’s what you call flying by the seat of your pants! Oh, the drama…

    If anything, the PC industry has proven to be extremely forgiving, but Wall Street isn’t and even though they a slow on the uptake at times, they can be merciless when they smell blood. So AMD better wise up, stop looking for handouts and focus on the roll outs before they’re DOA.

    My 2¢

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