Vista drives Andrew Kantor to beg for Apple iMac

Apple Store“Could Microsoft be the next IBM? Back in November, I wrote about how disappointed I was with both Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007. I wondered if Microsoft was coming to the end of its reign as the 800-pound gorilla of the computing world,” Andrew Kantor writes for USA Today.

Kantor writes, “Since then, I’ve had a chance to put Windows Vista through its paces. If anything would help the kids in Redmond stay on top, it was this.”

“And I can say confidently that it’s not yet ready for primetime,” Kantor reports.

Kantor then covers a bunch of Vista problems (we’ve seen similar in every review not paid for by Microsoft).

Kantor writes, “If someone out there feels like spotting me the cash for a 20-inch, 2.33-GHz iMac and Photoshop, I’d be grateful.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A true “Wow!” Kantor is among the very last we’d ever peg to even consider the Mac. We find it very hard to believe that he’d ever – using his words – “drink the Kool-Aid and join the cult of blind little Mac fanatic lemmings.” Prove us wrong, Andy. We’d love to have one less idiot’s bad prose through which to constantly wade.

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  1. Ok, I’m outta the loop. Someone please explain the Kool-Aid/Mac references, please. You can flame me if you feel the need. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Chump change. I probably have more than enough to cover that down the back of my sofa.

    He’s just looking for an excuse not to jump and admit he’s been wrong all of these years.

    Come on Apple, send him a loaner. After a couple of months he’ll be hooked and send you a cheque.

  3. You will be assimilated into the Mac collective.

    Let your wireless network speak the language of Apple.

    Let your packets flow through the veins of Steve Jobs and return to you with whimsical powers.

    Let the Steve Jobs distortion field envelope your body and soul.

    Yeah sayeth Lord Steve Jobs.

    Make it so Number One.

  4. AshNazg:

    Click that first referenced link (Kantor: ‘Mac fans are nothing if not predictable’) to see what it means in relation to Macs. IE, Mac users are fanatics that are blind slaves to the Cult of Apple and His Steveness.

    The “koolaid” reference goes back to the Jonestown Massacre and the People’s Temple in 1978. The followers, fearing Government retaliation for the murder of a US Congressman and his party committed mass suicide by drinking poisoned Koolaid.

    Since then its been a short-hand reference (“drinking the koolaid”) to people who blindly follow a particular belief.

  5. AshNazg:

    Read the wikipedia article on Jonestown

    Long story short, it was a cult commune which ended when its members followed their leader in drinking poisoned Kool Aid (Flavor Aid, actually). It’s a popcultural reference for cultish behavior and following without thinking. It’s used with Mac owners since they’re “cultish”, at least in the collective caricature.

  6. @AshNazg

    Google is your friend:

    Jim Jones, cult leader, killed all his followers in Jonestown, Guyana with poisoned Kool-Aid, and then shot himself in a suicide pact.

    He was a charismatic leader, but destructive to his flock.

  7. The Kool-Aid comment is in reference to Jim Jones and the “Jonestown” massacre of the late 70s in Guiana (sp.?). Jone’s followers (all) committed mass suicide by drinking poison laced punch (thought to be kool-aid). Apparently they knew what was in the punch and drank it anyway at the insistence of Jones. Do a search and you will turn up tons of stuff about this event.

    The phrase: “drinking the Kool-aid” thus became synonymous with blindly following a leader regardless of how absurd the position/direction. It is often used by M$ shills to demean Apple/Mac users in reference to believing that whatever Steve Jobs or Apple does is the best. (See also “RDF” in reference to Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field.)

    MDN’s particular reference is a quote from a particular vitriol of Kantor’s some months back. Ah the irony!


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