Adobe adds ‘Photoshop CS3 Extended’ version to lineup

“Adobe Systems, weeks away from delivering its Creative Suite 3 version of Photoshop, said Wednesday it’s adding a second edition that expands the software’s abilities significantly beyond its traditional role of editing static, two-dimensional images,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET News.

Shankland reports, “In addition to Photoshop CS3… Adobe will sell Photoshop CS3 Extended, the company announced here at the Photo Marketing Association trade show. The Extended version can be used to create 3D graphics, add graphics to multiple frames of video or film, stitch images together into videos, and measure and analyze images, Adobe said, and it has features geared for architects, engineers, scientists and medical researchers.”

Full article here.

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  1. FYI:

    Adobe thought the Mac was dead. They planned for the Mac to be dead.

    But, a funny thing happened, the Mac didn’t die. Far from it.

    Adobe is still trying to recover from their mistake.

  2. “…and it has features geared for architects, engineers,…” (etc.)

    hmmmm sounds like it might have some CAD capabilities, no ??

    If so… would this come dangerously close to being “bloatware” ? …. or, would there actually be a need for a “one size fits all” ….kind of software ??

    Maybe someone (out there) .. more knowledgable than I .. can enlighten me ?

  3. Great. So will the extended version be part of a CS2 -> CS3 upgrade, or will it incur a separate cost (and registration)? WARNING : Every time a software company starts offering more “options”, that usually means “bend over”.

    Photoshop CS3 “extended” – Advanced features that most people using Photoshop now would probably like. Ka-Ching (Don’t drop the soap)

    Photoshop CS3 – No big feature announcements here? Did they just take the current feature set and make it a Universal binary? They’re either banking on cattle like behavior from their base or they’re just forgetting to give more info…?

    Photoshop CS3 “online” – Open image files and crop/resize/save them as different formats? (Hopefully not jpg, as Microsoft has declared jpg dead.) I can see how they need to lead the way on this one before someone else jumps in.

    Photoshop CS3 “waif” – allows you to retouch photos , but only of really skinny models. Saves images only 16 pixels wide.

  4. …would this come dangerously close to being “bloatware” ? …. or, would there actually be a need for a “one size fits all” ….kind of software ??

    Uh – They’re not trying for “one size fits all” – they are :

    ” …adding a second edition that expands the software’s abilities… “

    2 sizes to fit more people – not 1 size for everyone…..

  5. oh my: “If so… would this come dangerously close to being “bloatware” ? …. or, would there actually be a need for a “one size fits all” ….kind of software ??”

    No kidding – they’ve probably tried to roll a bunch of Illustrator stuff and cad stuff into Photoshop.

    For my money small focused apps like DoodleCAD are cheaper and easier than wading through a giant monolithic mess like PhotoShop.

  6. “Did they just take the current feature set and make it a Universal binary?”

    Not they just changed the keyboard shortcuts and pallete layouts and called them ‘features’.

    Whoever’s idea it was to change the config of the layers palette in PS CS2 id like to punch them right in the mouth.

    /Photoshop user since v2.0

  7. “Adobe thought the Mac was dead. They planned for the Mac to be dead.
    But, a funny thing happened, the Mac didn’t die. Far from it.
    Adobe is still trying to recover from their mistake.”

    FYI, this is all completely untrue.
    You’re an ‘insider’? Let’s have lunch a talk about it some time.

  8. Adobe is about to do to CS what Microsoft has done to operating system software. TOO MANY VERSIONS is a four-letter word, and it is spelled D-O-O-M.

    I would rather see them offer up an interesting suite of Macromedia and Adobe apps, get them integrated, and offer only two versions (like before): Professional and Standard.

    Standard would include Acrobat (Reader with collaboration features), Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

    Professional would include Acrobat Pro, InDesign Pro, Illustrator Pro, Photoshop Pro, Dreamweaver Pro, and ColdFusion

  9. ChrissyOne,

    do you work at Adobe? If so, is there a newer version of PSCS3 Beta? I’m finding the original version really buggy and I can’t use it real work because it crashes pretty frequently. Along those same lines, is there any way to provide feedback? I haven’t seen anything.

  10. Actually I tried the Photoshop CS3 (standard) beta, and it is really nice. Besides being UB (which is great in itself), it has some cool new features, as well as improved ones. I’d upgrade in a heartbeat. But now I’m more inclined toward the Extended edition, as it sounds really sweet.

    I do think it’s a bad idea for them to cram everything into one app, though.

    It would be cool if an application could dynamically “morph” from one feature set to another, depending on what aspect of a project you are working on, dynamically loading and unloading blocks of code in the process, and making similar changes to the reserved memory. So say your in InDesign, you double-click on a photo, and everything changes to Photoshop palettes and tools. When you’re done it all switches back, and you were where you left off. (The difference between this and the current scenario: You don’t have the tedious manual save-switch-load-save-switch-refresh nonsense. Adobe can add features by adding application modules, without users being overwhelmed by bloat for apps/features they never use.)

  11. ChrissyOne:

    I call bullsh*t on your comment! And I agree with ‘Insider’… he’s right.

    Here’s the facts:

    “The new Premiere Pro will work only on PCs running Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system, ending years of support for the Mac OS. David Trescot, senior director of Adobe’s digital video products group, said the new edition of Premiere is a complete rewrite of the application and it didn’t make financial sense to support the Mac anymore.” – CNet news, July 2003

    “Adobe also is adding Audition, an audio-editing program it acquired from Syntrillium, where it was known as Cool Edit Pro. Audition will be Windows-only, as will the Adobe Video Collection, a package that includes Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition and the Encore DVD authoring application”. – Cnet News, July 2003

    “… the software maker has shown signs of wavering in its commitment to the Mac. Adobe didn’t bother with a Mac version of Photoshop Album, its new consumer digital photo product…” – CNet News, July 2003

    “Adobe, Macromedia to skip Macworld”. – CNet News, June 2002. Adobe didn’t think it important enough to come to the 2001 event either.

    In truth, Adobe have been [mistakenly] luke-warm toward Apple for a number of years – perceiving, as ‘Insider’ comments above that the Mac was finished. The stories are there to read, from 1999 onwards in particular. If you don’t beleive there’s a problem at Adobe, you’re deceiving yourself. You need to read The Business News Source for the latest story circulating about the spat between Adobe and Apple and Adobe’s veiled threat it would consider dropping or delaying support for Apple’s new Intel platform products with the upcoming version of Adobe Photoshop CS3.

    Let’s face it, the cash-cow of Photoshop is the main thing keeping the bloated Adobe company afloat…. and I’ve been a user of Adobe’s products since 1989, and boy, it has certainly changed since then.

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