Keyspan updates TuneView Remote for Apple iPod

Keyspan has updated its new iPod accessory, TuneView, a wireless remote that lets you browse and fully control your Apple iPod. Added features include faster scrolling, ability to search titles by first-letter and improved wake-from-sleep performance

Updated firmware is now available for “TuneView for iPod,” a remote with color LCD screen and 2-way RF connectivity that allows you to browse and manage an iPod throughout your house or office.

The update increases scrolling speed, adds an ability to jump to a specified first letter within a large list (e.g. in a collection of 8,000 songs jump directly to those starting with “L”), and improves overall wake-from-sleep performance.

Released in December, Keyspan’s TuneView for iPod consists of a dock that connects an iPod to a stereo and/or TV, and an RF remote with color LCD that allows you to browse and manage iPod music and videos throughout your house. Additionally, the TuneView Dock can be used to sync an iPod with iTunes running on a PC or Mac, and TuneView supports English, German, French, and Spanish.

Keyspan’s TuneView for iPod retails for US$179. More info:


  1. I’ve been looking for something to make patio parties even better. I’ve got an outdoor speaker system with an iPod dock, but’s off in the corner and kind of pain to walk over to when you want to change things up on a whim.

    This might be what I’ve been looking for, but I sure wish it was closer to $99. For that price, I would have already ordered one.

    Now I have to think about it . . .

    I do wonder how snappy and responsive it is. I can’t stand lag . . .

    Of course, I’ve also thought about buying an Apple TV and a 17-inch widescreen LCD and setting that up out there. This would be a much cheaper alternative .

  2. So, they’ve updated TuneView for iPod. Is it just me or has Keyspan gone quiet on TuneView, which is supposed to give you the same functionality for your iTunes library so you don’t have to be at your computer to select your music?

    They announced this a year ago ( and since then there has been nothing, but this would be so useful for people who have libraries that are so much larger than the capacity of their iPod – 295GB and counting …

    An RF remote with a display that controls iTunes did sound too good to be true.

    I know about Salling Clicker but this isn’t an ideal solution. I’ve used it. When I walk around my apartment, I frequently walk out of bluetooth’s range, so it’s frustrating and I gave up on it.

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